In just a few years, Van Veldhuizen Logistiek has grown from a transporter to an allround logistics player with sites in Veenendaal and Rhenen. Whether it concerns stock management or transportation – the people at Van Veldhuizen take care of it. This transition did require a new WMS. They found the best match in the industry solution of Boltrics hosted in the Microsoft cloud.

121 years of small and large adjustments for the best service

Van Veldhuizen Logistics already has 121 years of experience on its track record. A family business, down-to-earth and customer-oriented. But old-fashioned? Anything but. They focus, for example, as much as possible on automation and digitization. They make small and large adjustments every day to improve the service. One of the recent major adjustments is the opening of their third location in Rhenen.

The growing demand from customers required an expansion of storage capacity. Van Veldhuizen immediately seized this moment to upgrade their WMS. From basic warehouse processes to integrations with Exact Online. It happened in less than three months. In the meantime, they have been using the new WMS for a few months, and the first results are visible. Now, they save time on order entry and can offer customers transparent insight into activities and stocks.

Marc van Veldhuizen, Logistics Manager at Van Veldhuizen: “From day one, we were ready to make this a success. It is in our DNA to continuously analyze how we can optimize our processes. To have a tool in your hands that helps you to take the next step is worth gold. Questions such as ‘how can we improve the provision of information to customers without burdening our administration?’ Boltrics’ best practices offered a solution, and the consultant’s experience provided direction.”

On the roll: optimizations 2.0

Van Veldhuizen Logistics innovation roadmap doesn’t stop here. Because the first plans are on the table for further process optimization. From transport to the introduction of new picking processes

Van Veldhuizen live met Boltrics' WMS