Next level with Document Capture

Neural Networks, Machine Learning, AI, REST APIs: some of today’s buzzwords. With Document Capture, we put these terms into practice. Combining the power of the Microsoft Cloud and our DataHub, Document Capture reads the unstructured documents and converts them to structured data in 3PL Dynamics.

Match and approve purchase invoices

Document Capture is trained with countless invoices. You name it, and the AI tool has seen it. Therefore you can use any invoice. The tool even reads the rules. From sender to description and VAT amounts. All information is filtered out in detail. Boltrics takes care of the mapping. So that all data is registered correctly in 3PL Dynamics. Whether it concerns one invoice or dozens. Document Capture ensures that invoices are properly analyzed and stored in the right place. With the push of a button you can then display the PDF on the screen again. The invoice could even be booked automatically.

Recognize purchase invoices & documents

Document Capture reads incoming invoices: sender, description, barcodes, and order numbers are recognized very accurately. After that, a purchase invoice is automatically created in Dynamics 365 Business Central, with the data stored in the correct fields in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Automatically process your transportation & customs documents

NOA, DMS, IE043. There are countless documents involved in international transport. A quick (administrative) settlement is essential for your success. Document Capture takes the work off your hands.

The AI technology reads, processes and stores all the necessary information in 3PL Dynamics. The tool has been trained with countless documents. Every new document improves the efficiency of the tool. Whether it is a printed document, a PDF or a scanned file. Document Capture can do it.

On detail level, information is filtered out. Boltrics takes care of the mapping. So that all data is registered correctly in 3PL Dynamics. With the push of a button you can show the original document on the screen again.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Digitize your document flow

  • Minimize the number of administrative actions

  • Reduce process costs and time investment per document

  • Automatically link documents to the right administration

  • Ensure a safe and compliant process

Process data automatically with Document Capture.

Want to save time with order entry? Process purchase invoices in no time? Our new Document Capture module – based on AI – helps you save days of work.

Digitalize to stay relevant within logistics.

The logistics industry has proven to be a star to achieve results in a demanding market. However. the industry is more than ever under tremendous pressure. From shortage of drivers to
sky-high costs of transportation. The challenge is how to tackle them. We’re offering a hands-on approach to tackle the top 5 challenges.

Van Moer: Expand warehouse operations by reducing manual input.

Van Moer is active in many different markets. Therefore, finding a software solution that supports all these processes and meets all customer wishes has not been easy. Joris Emanuel, IT Manager at Van Moer, explains why they chose 3PL Dynamics and what advantages it brought them.

Curious about the possibilities?

Are you curious how Document Capture smoothens your administration? Just ask one of our colleagues and find out.
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