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Digital security

Boltrics Professionals B.V.
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Digital security central contact point

We work hard to protect our users from harmful content and behavior, but we can’t do it alone. Users of our services can report reports of illegal content or user behavior in violation of our policies or terms of service by sending an email to: []. Or by calling the following number: [+31 318 742 550].

Reports can be submitted in Dutch or English.

Illegal content or user behavior related to Microsoft products and in violation of Microsoft product policies or terms should be reported to Microsoft according to its terms.


Contact point for authorities

Boltrics Professionals B.V.
Legal Department
Galileïlaan 23B
6716 BP Ede
T: [+31 318 742 550]

Complaint Procedure

Customers may submit complaints about services provided and digital security via to the attention of the Legal Department.

The complaint shall be submitted in writing within a reasonable period (three months) from the time the customer became aware or could reasonably have become aware of the act or omission of Boltrics that gives rise to the complaint.

The complaint submitted should contain a clear description of the complaint, including the name and contact details of the customer and a detailed description against which the complaint is directed. The Legal Department has the option, within reason, not to handle the complaint, and will inform Boltrics and the customer hereof in writing.

Upon receipt of a complaint and proper contact information, Legal Department will send an acknowledgment of receipt to the customer. The confirmation of receipt includes the contact details of the Legal Department and information on the course of the procedure.

Based on all information obtained, Boltrics submits in writing the proposal for resolution of the complaint to the customer. The customer is given the opportunity to respond to the proposal in writing. If Customer does not respond, Customer is deemed to have agreed to the proposal. The decision on the complaint will be communicated to the customer in writing.

Boltrics will strive to resolve the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction within four weeks of receipt. If the resolution of the complaint takes longer, the Legal Department will notify Boltrics and the customer in writing, explaining the reasons. In doing so, the department will also indicate the timeframe within which the complaint is expected to be resolved.

Boltrics considers a complaint settled if the customer (i) agrees to the remedy offered by Boltrics, or (ii) does not appeal the complaint in any way within three months of its settlement, or (iii) withdraws the complaint.


If a complaint is not resolved to Customer’s satisfaction, Customer can submit the complaint to the dispute resolution officer designated in Boltrics’ General Terms and Conditions or concluded agreement with Boltrics as competent to resolve disputes. The customer has the option of submitting a complaint regarding compliance with the (Implementation) Digital Services Regulation Act to the ACM.

Boltrics will observe confidentiality in handling complaints.

Cloud Software Logistics

Delivery terms

On this page, you’ll find Boltrics’ delivery terms that apply to our services. Including the additional terms and conditions regarding Boltrics’ hosting services. In this way, we clearly state what expectations you may have of Boltrics’ services and what actions Boltrics expects from you.

Delivery terms

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of visitors to our websites. This policy applies to information that we collect from visits to our website. Here we explain how Boltrics may gather, track, or use the information we learn about you through your use of the Boltrics website.


On the basis of certifications, Boltrics proves to offer certain standards and to meet expectations. As a Microsoft partner, Boltrics may resell Microsoft products such as Azure and Dynamics BC with its industry solution that has been approved by Microsoft.