From your scanners to your WMS

By connecting wireless terminals or tablets to the WMS system, allows you to check the quality of goods at all times during the logistics process. Colour product, maturation stage, temperature or amount per package: you determine which features you want to perform inspections. The results of the quality control are linked in the WMS to the respective goods, products, lots or batches.

Quality control features


As soon as the goods arrive at the warehouse, the barcodes are scanned (for example) by the forklift driver. If any damage is observed a photo is made with the app (on a tablet or phone) and a possible description of the damage is submitted. The photo and description are directly linked in the WMS/TMS to the goods in. Where necessary, an automatic (email) message is sent to the customer, with the photo attached. In this way, you keep your customer in the loop and prevent discussions as to culpability or the scope of the damage. This provides your customer with plenty of time to find a solution for the damaged items. And, you prevent damaged goods proceeding down the supply chain.


If your team observe any damage to items when loading the trucks, they take a photo using the Dynamics app. They link this to the pertinent carrier number and to the order in the WMS. The damage report is immediately accessible to you, and to your customer. Where necessary, an automatic (email) message is sent to the customer, with the photo attached. This prevents discussions after the event.


One criterion of quality frequently checked is the weight of goods. If a weight deviation is discerned that could indicate a quality issue. This is why our WMS has a weight link: the weights are automatically specified with the relevant party/batch or item.


Temperature is a vital checking criterion with logistics suppliers dealing in cold store products in particular. By linking up with temperature gauges the temperature measurements are directly linked to a relevant party/batch or item.

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