Road freight software

Modal or intermodal, you always go the extra mile. You know that’s only possible when you’re able to switch gears fast. Increase your margins. Plan your customers’ shipments as efficiently and economically as possible. Avoid being sidelined. The road freight software from Boltrics sharpens your insight into your business processes and gives you tools to keep transport costs low, drive on time, and monitor quality. Hit the pedal.

Road transport software – everything you need to accelerate 

Avoid obstacles in your journey. Our TMS software supports all activities of 3PL logistics services to stay ahead. Order management, journey planning, route planning, contract management, and the complete management of rates, surcharges, and fleet. Boltrics’ peloton of logistics companies made sure it’s all there.

Don’t lose sight of your trucks.

Out-of-the-box connections are available with various onboard computer systems and advanced planning systems (APS). The Boltrics software supports all forms of road transport, regardless of whether you provide the transport for your customers with your trucks or outsource everything.

Wegtransport software | Boltrics 3PL Dynamics

Exchange data between Cross dock depot(s)

You want to deliver goods as fast as possible, but at the same time load your trucks as smart and efficient as possible. Tactical moves are crucial. Fast and reliable data exchange between cross-dock warehouses and trucks makes optimal scheduling of shipments easier. More insights into your road freight, and a higher turnover!

Transport documents

Time is money. Once the data of shipments are entered in the TMS, the required documents are automatically generated as a CMR, loading list, receipts, and manifest. The bill of loading can also be created in digital form.

Support all different flavors of road transportation

LTL. Groupage/part loads that are bundled into a hub for multiple clients.
FTL. Getting from A to B with full load, for multiple clients.
Dedicated logistics. Transportation for one client.


Aim for the best possible deal. Avoid unnecessary duplication of work. Easily calculate transportation costs with established tariff agreements. Thus, the price of a new transport can quickly (and automatically) be calculated and with just one click the quotation can be mailed or converted directly into a transport order. Learn more about tariff agreements >>


Once the shipment has been delivered, the invoice is generated automatically in the TMS or reserved for a collective invoice. Because the shipment is linked to the quote the administration department can check and send the invoice. Special expenses such as waiting hours, repackaging or booking fee, may be added. No big deal.

If transport is outsourced externally, the invoice from the subcontractor can be checked thanks to the connection of the transport order with tariff agreements. Self-billing is also possible. The purchase invoice will be attached to the file via “document scanning”.

Make your work easier with Boltrics’ TMS

Wondering if our TMS software would be the right fit for your business? Request a free trial and discover the possibilities.
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