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Administration, planning, customs, invoicing, and so on. As a forwarder you are a real all-rounder. You keep an overview. You arrange. And you relieve your customers from A to Z. These customers put your knowledge and skills to the test every day. And quick switching is your standard. So get to know our standard: the complete software solution for handling air freight, sea freight, road transport and customs activities.

From A to Z. From here to Melbourne.

In the jungle of documents and regulations, you want to rely on a system that gives you an overview. A system that clearly displays your tasks and streamlines your processes. No Excel lists that get lost somewhere, but always the right data within reach. With 3PL Dynamics you have such a system. This allows you to easily handle the purchase and sale of transport services. From planning to invoicing. And from single transport orders to complete groupage orders.

Together for the win

Benefit from colleagues in the market. Together as a peloton to the top. That’s the Boltrics thought. The solution for freight forwarding has been developed with input from the entire logistics industry. Reinforced by the trusted power of the Microsoft Dynamics platform. More than 250 customers preceded you. This results in a complete solution full of existing functionality that you can connect to in no time. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We have already done that for you. Find out how the branch standard contributes to your success.

Support your processes with the latest technology

  • Work with a familiar & feel

    The recognized Microsoft Dynamics platform guarantees a high degree of reliability and flexibility. A solid foundation for a top-notch Freight Forwarding software. In addition, your users work with the familiar look & feel that they know from Microsoft Office.

  • Add new processes in no-time

    Whether your fulfillment activities increase or customers come to you with new wishes. With Boltrics' FMS you always have easy insight into your business processes, you keep your costs low and you can effortlessly respond to customer questions. Thanks to the modular structure, you can easily add functionality to your WMS. We provide the tools. You do the rest.

  • All data in one system

    Switch between screens. Retyping data into another application. It's all in the past. With the FMS from Boltrics you have a total solution at your disposal with which you can support all your business processes effortlessly. From VAL activities to storage. From invoicing to HR.

3PL Dynamics

Always up-to-date. Of course.

No expensive re-implementation. No outdated software. You can continuously rely on the most recent Microsoft technology and the latest logistics functionalities. Promised.

Too good to be true? Absolutely not! Discover all our promises.

Our approach

Sea freight

With the Sea Freight Export module, you can book full containers (FCL, Full Container Load) or consolidated containers (LCL, Less than Container Load) for your customers. You register the necessary data for the export shipment and then easily generate a booking confirmation, transport order, Customs Issue Document or Transit declaration, a CMR and a shipping instruction.

Road freight

Groupage and LTL (Less Than Truckload) forwarders deal with several collection points and delivery addresses per route. This makes planning groupage shipments highly complex. Efficiency improvements are achieved through cross-docking and the correct bundling of shipments. In our FMS software you make optimal schedules for your drivers and you are prepared for traffic jams and other delays.

The import and export of groupage / LTL shipments is handled in the groupage module. Individual bookings are registered per destination, which are then linked to a container file as partial shipments. The software takes into account the total weight and size of the partial shipments. You can easily and quickly run loading lists and a container manifest.

Air freight

With the air freight module you handle all your air freight processes: requests for quotes, shipments, bookings and order processing. The corresponding documentation is generated by the software. Our forwarding software can be linked to the well-known air logistics companies, such as Cargonaut.

With export consignments, the House Air Way Bill (HAWB) and the Master Air Way Bill (MAWB) can be printed off or sent as an email. Links with customs systems for import and export can be quickly facilitated.

FMS | Forwarding integraties

Avoid manual input work

You are the spider in the web and you work closely with other parties in the market. With direct links such as Portbase (sea freight), Cargonaut (air freight) and customs, you simplify your process and prevent errors. And all this from one software solution.

View all available integrations

Purchase invoices

Not only the logistics activities are controlled, but also the financial flow. You can directly match invoices you receive with the agreements made earlier in the logistics process. This keeps errors to a minimum and increases your margin.


Forwarding of goods requires knowledge and a system that supports all customs flows. That is why our software is equipped with an extensive customs functionality. This allows you to make an automated declaration, the necessary documents are automatically generated and you always have insight into the customs process.


For the international transport of goods, the correct export and import documents are required to get the goods across the border without any problems and to avoid having to pay too many import duties. Manage the entire process – door to door – with one integrated solution.

Unlocking simplicity, seamlessness, & scalability with 3PL Dynamics

We believe that technology should empower, not confound. That is why we developed our industry standard designed with you in mind. Based on the input of over 300 logistics service providers, focusing on user-friendliness, ease of use, and scalability, our software is poised to revolutionize the way you work.

Intuitive interactions with a user-friendly design

Navigating complex software can be frustrating and counterproductive. That is why we build our solution on Microsoft’s powerful Business Central platform: a system that combines flexibility with a high degree of stability and user-friendliness. Ensuring that every interaction feels natural and effortless. With Boltrics’ additions we’re putting your needs at the forefront, making it easier than ever to accomplish tasks with confidence. Whether you’re a tech-savvy professional or a novice user.

Seamless experience for effortless adoption

Change should be exciting, not daunting. Our software solution is engineered to seamlessly integrate into your workflow, eliminating steep learning curves and reducing the time it takes to become proficient. With an array of helpful how-to blogs & video, the Boltrics Academy, and a responsive support team, you’ll find yourself up and running in no time, maximizing productivity, and minimizing frustration.

Built for Scale, Prepared for Growth

Your success is our priority. That’s why we’ve developed a software solution that grows with you. Whether you’re a local specialized logistics service provider or a global company, our scalable architecture ensures that the software evolves alongside your needs. As your business expand, our solution effortlessly accommodates increased usage, data volumes, and demands, saving you the hassle of constantly reevaluating and upgrading your technology stack.

A headstart with 3PL Dynamics | Boltrics

The ingredients for a successful software implementation

How do you prevent your implementation from becoming a costly waste of euros, resources and time? We have listed the key elements for you in our whitepaper.

Download our whitepaper

Agile scaling: tailor user capacity on demand

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our SaaS solution, empowering you to seamlessly scale user capacity up or down monthly, precisely tailored to your evolving needs. Whether navigating rapid growth or addressing temporary fluctuations, our platform ensures dynamic scalability without impacting your contract duration. Effortlessly adapt to changing demands, optimizing costs and efficiency as your business evolves. Embrace the freedom to customize user capacity without constraints, making every adjustment seamless and cost-effective.

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