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Fast. Reliable. Hassle-free. As a freight forwarder, you know the rules that apply within airfreight by heart. The bar is set high. Constantly, you switch between supply and demand. Peak performance at its best. Stop limiting your business by complicated and outdated processes. Believe us the latest technology is at your fingertips. The very best functionality for the logistics sectors too.

Stay one step ahead of the competition with 3PL Dynamics. Answer customer questions with ease and grow quickly. One tool to provide insight into shipments, appointments, and processes. Give yourself the power to execute with up-to-date software and reduce IT complexity and associated costs. Are you ready?

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Ease of use comes first. Streamline shipments with minimal effort.

Don’t take too many steps. The one-time data entry is enough to process the order, initiate the shipment, and send the invoice. Our advanced airfreight software easily supports your airfreight handling processes. Keeping a tight grip on things that matter. From door to door.

Stay in control with our air freight forwarding software.

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Airfreight import

From SIM cards to living stock. All types of air freight shipments can be managed in our air freight forwarding software. Consolidated air waybills (master airwaybill) of incoming airfreight shipments are split into separate documents in the software (house airwaybill). You can then easily store the shipments, process them for customs and store them. And with the same ease, you can arrange transport directly from the shipment to the recipient. Always on the move – without effort.

Airfreight Export

Manage the export of your air freight shipments easily with our forwarding software. Record shipment data and speed up with EDI. 3PL Dynamics immediately generates the required documents. From House Airwaybill (HAWB) to Master Airwaybill (MAWB) and customs documents.

Expedition: ready for take-off

Process orders in record time. Register all relevant airfreight shipment data in our FMS airfreight forwarding software. All in one system:

  • shipment (size, weight, packaging, etc.)
  • sender
  • receiver
  • carrier
  • airline
  • ETD and ETA

Process orders at lightning speed with all documents at hand 

For the import and export of goods by air freight, the necessary documents are required to get the goods across the border. Manage the entire process, from sender to receiver with 3PL Dynamics. Enter data only once and the software simplifies and speeds up the corresponding processes. Saving you time and providing a clear overview.

  • AWB Stock per airline (export)
  • Control VAT/ MRN/ EORI/ Chamber of Commerce etc.
  • Interface with IATA Hotfile
  • Flight details
  • E-AWB/ AWB/ HAWB and manifestos (export)
  • Pre-bookings
  • Profit share registration for import
  • MAWB/ HAWB and Manifestos
  • CMR / Transport orders / ACN receipts and confirmations

Rates – select the most favorable rate

Airfreight rates are never standard. But that doesn’t mean it has to be rocket science. Capture rate agreements in 3PL Dynamics and keep track of costs and revenues. 24/7.

Save time with the connection with Cargoguide. Select the most favorable flight and add it to the shipment with one click. Ready to accelerate? Reduce the number of administrative actions and process IATA Cass invoices simply and quickly with the IATA Hotfile link.

3PL Dynamics

Air freight forwarding: process your customs declarations quickly

Stop wasting time. Register the necessary customs documents for import, export and transit of goods (digitally) to customs from our FMS forwarding system.

  • Import documents
  • Export documents
  • T1 documents

For air freight forwarding via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, our software is linked to Cargonaut (PGTS). Links with other customs systems for handling import and export can also be quickly established.

FMS | Forwarding integraties

Everything set to stay at pole position

Avoid overpaying your import duties and ensure transportation runs smoothly with the correct export and import documents. Manage the entire process – door to door – with one integrated solution.

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