Our method

Logistic service providers – and which organizations don’t? – face the challenge of digitalization. To transform even digitally. To keep up at the very least. But that’s not easy. Logistics, that’s the real deal. IT is a necessity, not an experiment. Try keeping up with that.

Don’t let it become what it used to be. A huge implementation of eye-catching customization. Everything is finally running – then the world changes and customers or processes are asking for new technologies. After the umpteenth overrun of budget and planning, there is only one point of departure. Your ‘new’ ERP, WMS or TMS. Or not at all.


The secret of keeping up

Forget these old ideas. Technology is not a train you can keep up with by running. Technology is a train that you simply have to be on. The rapid development of global standards does not put you behind, but ahead. Especially if you’re at the front, like us, right behind Microsoft.

Proven principles

Let go of your ideas about customization, risks and implementations. There is no alternative. Join the progress we make every day, together with Microsoft and already more than three hundred logistics service providers. We’re going fast. We implement our solution within three months. Guaranteed. After that, your IT solution is always up-to-date. Where Microsoft stands, you stand. What Microsoft can do, you can do. We don’t know any old versions. We guarantee that too. We wouldn’t even know how to get behind.

1. Develop nothing. Adopt.

Stop believing in customization. Make your business processes compatible with global branch and technology standards. As ISV we will do the opposite. Forget customization. Think standard.

2. Embrace risks. And win.

Moving along with IT brings uncertainties. But that costs only a fraction of the high price you pay for maximum security, namely fatal immobility in your systems. Accept risks. Move along and win the main prize: an always vital IT environment.

3. Limit yourself. And accelerate.

Thinking big stands or falls with the ability to focus. Implement superior Microsoft technology in exactly three months. Renew what counts first. And only then refine. Don’t be overtaken or distracted. Accelerate.

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Our history

In contrast to trade and production companies, logistics service providers do not manage their own stock, but the goods from multiple clients. This means that they should not only be able to support the wish of one single organization but the needs of multiple customers. As a result, they have a different IT need. Therefore, three cold stores looked for a software solution – based on Microsoft Dynamics – that could optimally support their logistics processes.

Director Jan Bolks: “In this sector, software was mostly customized. The three companies were looking for a standard solution that would fit the needs of the entire industry. Nekovri, the Dutch sector association for cold storage companies, sought cooperation with us and asked us to develop the industry solution and keep it up-to-date.”

In order to be able to support this need, Boltrics took the Microsoft Dynamics platform as a programming basis. In less than twenty weeks, Boltrics built a product and subsequently rolled it out within three months for the first two customers. In addition to warehousing, complete modules for transport, air and sea freight were added in the following years. In combination with all kinds of standard integrations, including customs, Boltrics is one of the few parties able to provide a total and integrated solution for logistics service providers.

Agile scaling: tailor user capacity on demand

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our SaaS solution, empowering you to seamlessly scale user capacity up or down monthly, precisely tailored to your evolving needs. Whether navigating rapid growth or addressing temporary fluctuations, our platform ensures dynamic scalability without impacting your contract duration. Effortlessly adapt to changing demands, optimizing costs and efficiency as your business evolves. Embrace the freedom to customize user capacity without constraints, making every adjustment seamless and cost-effective.