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Score with a customer portal

With a customer portal – or web portal – you react to the increasing self-service demands from your customers. And, you take a big step forward in efficiency amongst your customer service colleagues. The time you definitely need due to the current labor shortages. For example, with such a portal, customers can view data themselves. Furthermore, they can reserve time slots at your docking stations themselves or register receipts and shipments.

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A fully digitalized customer service

Boltrics customer portal gives your customers 24/7 real-time insights into the data you provide online. However, that is not all. Read what other benefits the web portal gives you, your customers, and their customers.

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"Introducing the customer portal saved us at least 2 FTEs. Our team no longer had to forward reports, and phone calls and incoming emails drastically dropped. Resources we can now use for further improve our customer service."

Miranda Verkooijen

Managing Director Verkooijen Veem

Meet self-service demands with the web portal

Flexibility, data, speed. Your customers expect more and more from your services. And it is your task to meet those expectations. Not an easy job. Read how you can meet these customer demands with the web portal in 3PL Dynamics.

Display data faster, safer, and more appealing to customers with the web portal

Recently, Boltrics invested in a new customer portal. Thanks to the improved technological foundation, you can now share data faster, safer, and more appealing to your customers. We share four improvements that help you meet customer demands even better.

Combine the strength of Boltrics’ web portal with the App Platform

The web portal is a powerful read-only tool to share data with your customers However, it does not offer any possibilities for interaction on its own. Thanks to the combination between the web portal and the App Platform, your customers can take action themselves.

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Successfully respond to self-service requirements with a powerful customer portal

Learn how a customer portal helps you to meet the growing self-service demands of your customers. And, get a tour through Boltrics’ brand-new web portal. All in just 45 minutes!

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