Ease of use, fast processing

Experience seamless operations and accelerated growth with our user-friendly software, built on the powerful platform of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Benefit from a quick setup with hands-on authorization procedures and leverage familiar CRM and finance integrations. Of course, your billing & contracting looks different than a private warehouse. Tap into the specific functionalities Boltrics added for 3PL companies. From WMS contracts, tariffs, invoices, and cost allocations, and. This future-proof technology ensures stability and scalability while empowering you to unlock your logistics full potential.

Simplify onboarding new customers, accelerate growth

Tired of the tedious task of setting up new customers and contracts? We get it. That’s why we offer a frictionless onboarding experience that saves you time and effort. Forget starting from scratch. Easily copy and modify existing contracts, ensuring consistency and speed. Just a few clicks, and you’ve welcomed a new customer and are ready to deliver excellent service.

Don’t break a sweat with annual price changes

The complexity of logistics contracts often makes annual price adjustments a time-consuming task. Our solution automates this process, allowing you to easily make price changes in various formats, such as a fixed value or a percentage increase. This saves you a lot of manual work. Moreover, you keep the history of all price changes, allowing you to analyze price movements over time. Finally, you can easily print the new contract in PDF, Word or Excel and automatically send it to the customer.

Direct linking of delivered services

Our solution directly links services delivered to the activity performed. Allowing you to achieve precision billing with real-time service tracking. This means that when a warehouse employee observes that a pallet needs to be re-foiled, this service is immediately registered at the point of entry. The same applies to quality checks with images, which are often recorded manually, leading to time-consuming errors. Our solution automates this process, ensuring complete and correct invoicing. By mastering the synchronization of services with actual activities, you empower your team to operate with the efficiency and confidence, driving your business forwards.

Here's what sets us apart:

Effortless setup

Say goodbye to complex forms and data entry. Our intuitive interface makes creating (new) contracts a breeze.

Customization at your fingertips

Adapt existing contracts to new customer needs quickly and easily.

Faster time to revenue

Get new customers up and running in record time, boosting your bottom line.

Industry standard for 3PL

Rely on our tried and tested best practices thanks to the input of over 300 logistics service providers around the globe.

From manual activities to robotics

No matter your current warehouse operations, our innovative solution simplifies billing. Simply configure your settings, and all applicable contract lines are automatically added to invoices. Whether triggered by scanning or integrated with your robotics, gain instant insight into your delivered services and eliminate manual efforts.

Define services, automate billing

Take control of your agreements and effortlessly link them to relevant services. Capture any cost, from storage to robotic usage and sustainability fees, with ease. This seamless integration ensures automatic, accurate billing, eliminating manual tasks and potential errors.

Process customer agreements in detail

Struggling to manage (complex) customer agreements and tariffs? Boltrics’ WMS and TMS Contracts empower you to process any agreement within your system, streamlining workflows and eliminating manual tasks.

Import and store agreements electronically, retiring paper clutter and accessing information instantly. Automate pricing based on agreements, eliminating manual calculations and errors. Easily share updates with customers, ensuring transparent communication and keeping everyone informed.

Send detailed invoices automatically

Our software lets you personalize and automatically send invoices at pre-determined times, complete with customer details and even a self-control check-in option. Sure, the initial setup takes a bit of time, but the long-term time savings are massive.

No more manual data entry: Invoices are created and sent automatically, based on your settings.

Personalized touch: Add specific customer details and branding for a professional touch.

Accurate data: Specifications are pulled directly from your system, eliminating manual errors.

Get paid faster with automated reminders

Late payments can eat into your profits and slow down your business. But what if you could effortlessly collect payments on time? Introducing our automatic reminder functionality. No more chasing invoices or spending time on manual reminders – our system takes care of it all. Set up personalized reminders based on your payment terms, ensuring timely collections and improved cash flow.

Unleash powerful insights with financial reports

Unleash powerful insights with integrated reporting. Bridge the gap between warehousing, transport, and finance for effortless generation of complete, accurate reports. Track real-time KPIs, forecast cash flow, and choose your analysis tools. From Excel to Power BI. Monitor logistics performance to ensure customer satisfaction and make data-driven decisions. Say goodbye to disconnected data and hello to a competitive edge.

How to: Transfer VAT in 3PL Dynamics

In some cases, it is possible to transfer VAT. For example, when providing services to foreign entrepreneurs. You can easily set this up from our software.

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