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Speed. Paper-thin margins. Varying customer expectations. As a logistics service provider, you work at your peak every day to relieve your customers and keep their businesses running. You ensure a flawless transport process on which your customers can rely. You know better than anyone that transport is much more than moving goods from A to B. Every day you have to deal with obstacles on the road. Sometimes literally. It’s up to you to overcome these obstacles. It’s up to us to help you with this.

Streamline all your transport activities. From A to Z.

For example, do you want to avoid losing money due to unlucky planned stops? Do your customers require 24/7 insight into the latest status? Or do you waste time manually invoicing your transport requests? Then find out how the Boltrics branch standard takes you to the next level. A TMS specifically designed for logistics service providers that helps streamline all your transport activities. Order management. Trip planning. Route planning. Contract management. Tariffs. Surcharges. Fleet management. All accommodated in one integrated system.

Join the peloton with Boltrics’ branch standard

Boltrics’ Transport Management System facilitates your transport processes. From A to Z. The solution has been developed with input from the entire logistics sector, runs on the power of Microsoft and always remains up-to-date. Promise. The modular structure ensures that you can set up your processes entirely according to your wishes within the standard. In other words, you improve your current processes without having to reinvent the wheel. Curious about what our peloton has already achieved? Discover the possibilities of 3PL Dynamics yourself.

TMS modules

Order management

Submitting, planning, managing, and invoicing for transport requests. Accessible to planners, drivers, and customers.

Fuel management

Save on your fuel costs with insight into fuel consumption.


Automate customs declarations, generate customs documentation, and track the declaration process in your TMS.

Contract & tariff agreements

Specify tariff agreements with customers and subcontractors with each preferred calculation method.

Fleet management

Prevent stoppage and reduce your fleet costs with intelligent fleet management.

App for drivers

Inform drivers which consignments are due. Sign off upon delivery. Photograph damage. All data is captured in the TMS.

Linking onboard units

Link your onboard units for the exchange of data pertaining to unloaded goods, packaging, delays, losses, petrol receipts, etc.

Tracking & Tracing

Track your vehicles and consignments en route for planning optimization, theft prevention, mileage administration and customer dispatch tracking purposes.

Customer portal

Give customers access to the customer portal to check the status of their consignment. Moreover, create new requests and print signed-off freight documents.

Transport planning

Compile shipments, link a truck/trailer to the shipment and assess who is available to drive the shipment according to resource planning.


Automatically generate the invoice once the shipment has been delivered.

Transport Management Software | TMS | Boltrics

Digitalize to stay relevant.

Miles and miles of traffic jams, rising fuel costs, a highly competitive labor market, and unpredictable weather. Good luck trying to make sure goods arrive on time.

Of course, the logistics industry always knew how to perform within a tight time window. But today’s challenges are a totally different ball game. Everything is under tremendous pressure. We offer a hands-on approach to the top 5 challenges.

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Estron: WMS-software expanded with TMS, FMS and ERP

“In the past, we consciously opted for systems from different software suppliers. We didn’t want to be too dependent on one party with the risk that everything would fail at the same time. We now use the reverse strategy and prefer to have everything in one system.”

Rene Hoogvliet, IT Manager at Estron Group

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Too good to be true? Absolutely not! Discover all our promises.

Our promises

Support your processes with the latest technology

  • Work with a familiar & feel

    The recognized Microsoft Dynamics platform guarantees a high degree of reliability and flexibility. A solid foundation for a top-notch Transport software. In addition, your users work with the familiar look & feel that they know from Microsoft Office.

  • Add new processes in no-time

    Whether your transport activities increase or customers come to you with new wishes. With Boltrics' Transport Management System you always have easy insight into your business processes, you keep your costs low and you can effortlessly respond to customer questions. Thanks to the modular structure, you can easily add functionality to your TMS. We provide the tools. You do the rest.

  • All data in one system

    Switch between screens. Retyping data into another application. It's all in the past. With the TMS from Boltrics, you have a total solution at your disposal with which you can support all your business processes effortlessly. From order management to route planning. From contracts to surchagers.