Analytics Essentials

With the right tools, you will benefit from the correct use of digital information in no time. That’s because by analyzing the present data, you can find the bottlenecks in your processes and anticipate on them. Besides, it can help you to see into the future: how many orders are planned? And how many pallets are released

With Analytics Essentials, you can set up dashboards directly in 3PL Dynamics, without any external tools. These dashboards help you to get insights into your data and therefore operate and make decisions based on correct and real-time data.

Analytics Advanced

With Microsoft Power BI you can quickly create dashboards that outline all your salient Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Based on our customers’ information requirements, Boltrics has devised specific data sets that enable you to compile your own dashboards or to use the standard dashboards. Whether it concerns kilograms, crates, casks, parcels, pallets, loading meter or miles: it can be presented in your preferred units. A standard solution that can be configured to customer specifications. With Microsoft Power BI Mobile you are always up-to-date wherever you are or however you’re working (PC, tablet or phone)!
With Analytics Advanced you can track progress at a glance, meaning you’re always in the driver’s seat!

Power BI examined.

What is Power BI, what does it do and above all: why do I need it? Read the most important facts about the analysis tool and see what it can do for you in a short video.

Transform your KPI’s into visual reports with Power BI.

Working data-driven and acting on KPIs. Everyone wants to do it, but where to start? Discover in less than 45 minutes how to make big steps with the reports for logistics service providers in Power BI.

The 6 most important KPIs for logistics service providers.

Do you also want to work data-driven, but you are not sure which data is most important? We have conducted extensive research among our customers and this showed the 6 most important KPIs for logistics service providers.

Are you already using the available data completely?

Curious how Analytics Essentials or Analytics Advanced can make your organization data-driven? Feel free to contact us and ask your question to one of our colleagues.
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