Exploit the benefits of the digital age

Boltrics’ EDI solution perfectly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and ensures that manually entering data is a thing of the past. The platform offers the possibility to fully automate communication – from order to invoice. Various customers – such as DFDS, DSV, Americold, IDP and Korpershoek – are already using the advantages of Boltrics’ EDI interfaces.

Map customer-specific messages and streamline your processes

Would you like to communicate with your customers without fuss? Forget about the “battle” that it takes to connect different systems. Boltrics’ DataHub can solve your integration problems while taking care of the mapping of customer-specific messages. Without high implementation costs. Pay per message.
Many logistics service providers have already preceded you. For example, we have realized integrations with Kraft Heinz, Amazon and WooCommerce.

Set up a new integration yourself

As Boltrics, we offer the possibility to outsource setting up new integrations. In that case, Boltrics will take care of the technical aspects. Do you prefer to keep it in-house and set up your own connections? If you have the technical know-how, we’ve got the technology to support you. Our solution supports a wide variety of messaging formats. In other words, setting up a new integration doesn’t have to be rocket science. With our e-learnings, the solution becomes crystal-clear, and you know the tricks of the trade within no-time.

Supporting flexibility. Supporting all file formats

Our DataHub platform supports all types of messaging formats. Whether your connectivity partner requires an XML or an EDIFACT format, X12, Idoc, JSON or even PDF or images. We’ve seen it all and know how to connect the (technical) dots.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what channel adapter you or your partner requires. Our software is designed to support various adapters. Enabling data retrieval & sending with standard authentication methods: FTP, HTTP, AS2, IBM MQ, etc.

Reduce complexity. Eliminate the need of point-to-point integrations

One software platform that offers all the integrations you need

With 3PL Dynamics, we offer you an integrated solution. From WMS to TMS and freight forwarding software. But in today’s world it’s all about connectivity. Transferring data from one system to the other. Whether it’s your own applications of those of your partners. That’s why Boltrics is one of the few vendors that offers a logistics software platform with all the integration you need. No need for point-2-point integrations. No need to worry about updates done by different vendors/platforms. It’s covered by Boltrics’ team of integration experts.

Integrates with robotics & Automated materials handling equipment (MHE)

Streamlining your workflows and minimizing manual actions is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Your operation must be able to handle high volumes, short delivery times, and the growing demand from customers. And that, when qualified logistic employees are harder to find than ever. Automizing is therefore a logical answer to these challenges. Aim for efficiency. Aim for a completely automated end-to-end workflow in your warehouse with the help of Boltrics’ WMS and a robotized WCS.

Boltrics’ DataHub acts as a bridge between your WMS and automated materials handling equipment, helping you to streamline your warehousing process from A to Z. Whether it concerns conveyor belts, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), vertical lift units (VTUs) AutoStores or Automatic Layer Pickers.

Logistics service providers like Jan de Rijk, VCK Logistics and FOX Global went ahead of you.


“The WMS automatically gives a sign when replenishment is needed. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the available stock in the WCS and the picking process can continue day and night.”

Rick Voskamp, Business Development Manager at Fox Global

Our technology partners

With over 500+ integrations available, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the best technology partners around the globe. From Honeywell to HAI Robotics and AutoStores.



Create a link between 3PL Dynamics and your accounting software

Do you already use an (external) financial accounting package to your satisfaction? But do invoices still have to be typed manually? Then an interface via DataHub with your accounting package can offer a solution. Prevent you from having to spend unnecessary time copying data and incorrect figures. Out-of-the-box interfaces are already available with Twinfield, Exact Online, AFAS, and Unit4 Multivers.

Use our standard logistics integrations

Boltrics also has generic logistics integrations available, such as integrations with Customs, Portbase or Cargonaut. So also with your EDI integration, you can use the power of the branch standard. Simply select the bundle that suits your needs and pay per use.

Integration landscape

Save money and make your work a lot easier

Always up to date with the latest technology

The solution – like our other products – has been developed as a standard industry product. Based on the input of our customers. We make sure the connections are updated with each update, and new items are added generically. Ensuring you can always use the latest interface.

Connect servers and technology

The solution works across borders and allows different systems to communicate effortlessly. Regardless of the underlying technology or on which server your solution runs. A future-proof platform that works as a hub to which you can connect all your clients.

A secure environment with Microsoft Azure

The solution is available in the secure cloud environment of Microsoft Azure. As a result, both your organization can benefit – but also your clients. And that facilitates unambiguous information provision, can prevent noise on the line and offers the opportunity to create a transparent process.

Avoid unnecessary costs and pay according to use

Forget complex price agreements. Simply select the subscription with the expected number of transactions and pay one amount per month. Toggle it on and off when the number of transactions changes. Without additional costs for mapping or implementation costs. Simple and clear.

End-to-end message flow – a well-oiled machine that handles all administrative tasks for you

How EDI can help you stay in business

More and more logistics service providers join the EDI train. With so many parties to link with, this is easier said than done. Discover our 6 tips for successful integration.

Webinar: Transform the way you work and collaborate with EDI

How does EDI ensure a more streamlined process? How do you integrate this, and how do you get your partners on board? Watch the webinar in a short time and learn more.

Jan de Rijk Logistics joins Boltrics’ WMS peloton

“The extensive options, the always up-to-date guarantee, and the fact that the solution is based on the Microsoft platform made the difference for us.”

Curious about the possibilities?

Are you curious how DataHub smoothens your administration? Just ask one of our colleagues and find out.
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