Shorter lead time. Lower costs. Handle orders in record time. To meet customer expectations, you must be on top of it. Respond to what is necessary right now. At the touch of a button, you need an overview of the current stock. How long goods are stored. The available space for new orders. Having a tool that provides this insight is crucial. To uplift your processes. To work smarter. More efficient. To strengthen your position as the best logistics partner.

It is possible with 3PL Dynamics. The industry standard for the logistics sector. Automate your warehouse processes and sharpen the focus on costs, quality, and reliability. While facilitating your administrative burden.

Warehouse software | Boltrics

The industry standard. Standard full of benefits.

Our Warehouse Management System streamlines all your warehouse processes. From beginning to end. The solution has been developed with input from the entire industry, runs on the power of Microsoft, and is always up-to-date. Discover for yourself how the industry-standard can help your organization.

WMS software for 3PL Logistics

You understand the logistics business like no other. We understand your IT needs. Therefore, we have developed a WMS system for logistics service providers active in storage and transshipment. From a simple entry to RF-Scanning, Cross-Docking, Customs handling, and EDI: it’s all available in 3PL Dynamics!

Unlike other systems, articles in our WMS are linked to customers/clients. Multiple customers in one warehouse? Standard in our software. And all value-added logistics activities are registered and invoiced at the touch of a button.

On pole position with 3PL Dynamics’ WMS modules

The Warehouse Management System from 3PL Dynamics supports your entire warehouse activities. From A to Z. All essential components for a public warehouse. Everything you can imagine. It’s available in the industry standard.

Order picking

Our WMS software supports all possible order picking activities. Whichever picking method you use, possibly in combination with wireless bar code scanners or voice terminals. Learn more. 

Value Added Logistics

All VAL activities are planned and administered in the WMS, fully integrated into the scanning process. Invoicing of VAL activities is simple with the push of a button. Learn more.


The cross-docking module makes it possible to instantly convert incoming goods to outgoing goods. By using the scanning process, the goods are placed directly in the right location for cross-dock storage. Learn more.

RF scanning

With the module RF scanning, all warehouse operations are controlled via scanners. Real-time insight: which ensures grip and control of logistics processes. Learn more.


Through a direct link between our WMS software and customs systems, declaration of your customers’ goods can be done easily and automated. Learn more.

Weight integration

If you work with weight items or invoicing based on actual kilograms, it is important to register the correct weights. Standard interfaces with scales and weighbridges make it possible to provide data on scanners or touch screens and direct registration in the WMS system.

Tracking & tracing

Any movement of goods, lots, batches, pallets, or boxes in the warehouse is registered and becomes transparent with just one mouse click.

Quality control

Linking wireless terminals or tablets to the WMS system allows you to check the quality of goods in every phase of the logistics process. The results of the quality check are connected to the respective goods, products, lots, or batches in the WMS system. Learn more.

Label printing

Design SSCC labels like your customers want them! You can define and print labels by product, customer, and delivery address. Learn more.

Customer portal

With the web client, you give your customers their own web portal, to check information about orders, invoices, goods-in and goods-out (on product/batch level), and changes in inventories. Learn more.


Do you want to realize an interface with your customers via standardized EDI protocols or a customer-specific interface? Through our connectors, we offer several standard interfaces out-of-the-box. If you want to follow a specific message format of your client, it is possible with Logic Apps: we take care of the connection, and you don’t have to worry anymore. Learn more.


Boltrics’ WMS seamlessly integrates with the financial administration in Dynamics 365 Business Central, meaning all warehouse activities per customer, can be registered and invoiced promptly and easily. This provides you with real-time insight into your financial situation, including pending invoices. Learn more.

Discover how Boltrics’ WMS can help your business grow

See at a glance which goods/shipments are still in stock. Simplify your administrative actions. Calculate and invoice storage costs at the touch of a button. Discover the benefits of our WMS.

Improve my warehouse processes

Make your work easier with Boltrics’ WMS

Wondering if our WMS software would be the right fit for your business? Request a free trial and discover the possibilities.
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