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Your warehouse, the domain where you bring your knowledge and skills to practice. Where you distinguish yourself from the competition. Unburden your customers from their logistic activities. You are the key to a successful business for your customers. The key-player. That demands a top performance, every day.

Therefore, you cannot afford to lean back. You must keep delivering. Keep innovating. Keep searching for improvements in your warehouse processes to come to an efficient operation. Do you spend too much time registering warehouse activities? Do your customers demand 24/7 insights into the latest order status? Or is invoicing a time-consuming scavenger hunt? Then it is time for a change. 3PL Dynamics, Warehouse Management software for 3PL logistics helps you win.

3PL Dynamics WMS. The branch standard. Your way to the top.

Boltrics’ Warehouse Management System streamlines all your warehouse processes. From A to Z. The solution is developed with the input of the entire logistics industry. Strengthened by the reliable power of the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Over 300 customers joined the peloton. Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time. We already did that for you. Discover how the branch standard supports your top performance.

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Modules WMS software

RF scanning

All warehouse operations controlled via scanners. scan the barcode of the pallet and the (new) location and it is automatically registered in your WMS.

Label printing

Design SSCC labels the way your customers prefers. Per product, customer, and delivery address, you define and print a different label.

Value added logistics

All VAL activities are planned and administered in the WMS, fully integrated into the scanning process. Invoicing of VAL activities is simple with the push of a button.

Weight syncing

Register the correct weights in the WMS system via standard interfaces with scales and weighbridges via scanners or touch screens.

Cross docking

Convert incoming goods directly to outgoing goods and place the goods by using the scanning process in the right location for cross-dock storage.

Quality control

Linking wireless terminals or tablets to the WMS system allows you to check the quality of goods in every phase of the logistics process. The results of the quality check are connected to the respective goods, products, lots or batches in the WMS system.

Cycle counting

By dividing the annual inventory count into smaller parts and multiple moments, you spread the bother that comes with it.


Easily keep track of the package flow in your warehouse by linking it to your logistic activities. In that case, a good package registration only requires you to do your daily processes.

Stock locating

Know in detail where goods are stored, automatically calculate the capacity and set up restrictions if necessary.

Task interleaving

Do more with less resources. Create optimization savings with Boltrics’ task interleaving options.

Wave planning

Group and plan orders in a wave that works for your company. Combine orders to one (pick) assignment based on fields, conditions, and function sets.

Order allocation

Streamline the picking process in your warehouse with Boltrics’ WMS limitless allocation methods.


Automatically receive a notification when replenishment is needed. Ensuring the picking process can continue day and night.


Packing, repacking, sampling, assembling, kitting & blending. Whatever packing activity you need to support your customer, our WMS keeps track of it.


Allow yourself maximum flexibility. Set up rules on which the system proposes the optimal put away location.

MHE interfaces

Streamline your workflows and integrate MHE with Boltrics’ WMS for a completely automated end-to-end workflow in your warehouse.

Freight forwarding

Directly create a transportation order via the WMS. Whether it concerns road, air or ocean freight.

Carrier integration

Choose the best option based on your criteria. Whether you work with the powerful platforms of nShift, DeliveryMatch or Sendcloud.

Customer invoicing

Correctly charge your services – whether it’s about storage fees or (additional) activities. Boost your invoicing options, for example, with storage fee per location. Furthermore, personalize, automatically save, and send invoices.

Web portal

Give your customers realtime access to their own web portal to check information about orders, invoices, transactions, goods-in and goods-out (on product/batch level) and changes in inventories.


Connect with external systems becomes a breeze with Boltrics' DataHub. Benefit from out-of-the-box standard interface messages or set up new integrations.


Easily and automatically make declarations for your customers' goods by directly linking our WMS software with customs' systems.

Management reports

All data is available within the one integrated solution. Gain clear insight into all your business processes which enables you to manage rather than fight fires.

Standard available integrations. From ERP, Robotics and Carrier Platforms to manufacturers, retailers, and web shops.  

Reduce manual operations and streamline your process with Boltrics’ integration platform (DataHub). Take advantage of the standard available integrations with manufacturers, retailers, web shops or your customers’ ERP. From purchase orders and sales orders to stock reports and mutations. Integrate directly with SAP, Carrefour or Shopify, for example. Or select the best shipping option via the carrier platforms of Transsmart (by nShift), DeliveryMatch or Sendcloud.  

Strive for a fully automated end-to-end workflow in your warehouse and introduce robotics. Boltrics’ integration platform acts as the bridge between the WMS and automated materials handling equipment, helping to streamline your warehouse process from A to Z. Be it conveyor belts, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), vertical elevator units (VTUs) AutoStores or Automatic Layer Pickers.

Discover the already available integrations

WMS & invoicing – in one solution

Logistics suppliers attain their turnover from services they provide pertaining to goods in their warehouse. From goods in to storage, value-added logistics and shipment. The WMS seamlessly integrates with the financial administration in Business Central. So, all warehouse activities per customer are easily registered and invoiced promptly. Providing real-time insight into your financial situation, including pending invoices.

Agile scaling: tailor user capacity on demand

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our SaaS solution, empowering you to seamlessly scale user capacity up or down monthly, precisely tailored to your evolving needs. Whether navigating rapid growth or addressing temporary fluctuations, our platform ensures dynamic scalability without impacting your contract duration. Effortlessly adapt to changing demands, optimizing costs and efficiency as your business evolves. Embrace the freedom to customize user capacity without constraints, making every adjustment seamless and cost-effective.

A. Roemaat Transport

Administration costs reduced by 75%

Creating value for clients. At A. Roemaat Transport, that is the top priority. Every week, the logistics service provider from Lichtenvoorde processes over 4,000 pallets in the warehouse. And thanks to the ‘Roemaat process’, clients can rely on consistent quality. The automation with 3PL Dynamics enabled Roemaat Transport to reduce administration costs by 75% and process 20% more orders with the same capacity. They were able to automate messaging with customers and can easily communicate with other Microsoft Office programs.

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The power of the 3PL Dynamics platform: easy to use, scalable and seamless integration

We believe technology should enhance your business, not frustrate it. That’s why we developed the industry standard with your needs in mind. Based on input from more than 300 logistics service providers, focused on usability, ease of use and scalability. 3PL Dynamics is poised to revolutionize the way you work.

A user-friendly design for intuitive interactions

Finding your way around a new software application can be frustrating and counterproductive. That’s why our solution builds and relies on Microsoft’s powerful Business Central platform. A system that couples flexibility with a high degree of stability and user-friendliness. So that every interaction feels natural. With Boltrics’ additions, your logistics processes are at the forefront, and it’s easier than ever to perform tasks with confidence. Whether you are a tech-savvy professional or a novice user.

Quick adoption thanks to a seamless experience

Change and innovation should be exciting, not intimidating. Our software solution is designed to seamlessly align with your workflow, avoiding steep learning curves and reducing the time it takes to become familiar with the application. With an array of how-to blogs and videos, the Boltrics Academy and an adequate support team, you’ll be up and running in no time.

A scalable solution built for growth

Your success is our priority. That’s why we’ve developed a software solution that grows with you. Whether you are the logistics specialist in your niche or a global player, our scalable architecture ensures that the software grows with your needs. As your business expands, our solution effortlessly adapts to increased usage, data volumes and demand. This prevents your solution from becoming obsolete in no time.

Support your processes with the latest technology

  • Work with a familiar look and feel

    The recognized Microsoft Dynamics platform guarantees a high degree of reliability and flexibility. A solid foundation for a top-notch Warehouse Management System. Plus, your users work with the familiar look and feel they know from Microsoft Office.

  • Add new processes in no time

    Whether your fulfillment activities are increasing or customers are knocking on your door with new requirements. With Boltrics' Warehouse Management System you will always have easy insight into your business processes, keep your costs low and respond effortlessly to customer requests. Thanks to its modular structure, you can easily add functionality to your WMS. We provide the tools. You do the rest.

  • All data in one system

    Switching between screens. Typing data into another application. It is all a thing of the past. With Boltrics' WMS, you have a total solution that effortlessly supports all your business processes. From VAL activities to storage. From invoicing to HR.

Nieuwste versie van 3PL Dynamics

Always up-to-date. Of course.

No expensive re-implementation. No outdated software. You can continuously rely on the latest Microsoft technology and latest logistics functionality. Promise.

Too good to be true? Absolutely not! Find out what else we promise.

Our approach

The ingredients for successful implementation.

How do you prevent your WMS implementation from becoming a costly waste of money, resources and time? We have compiled the most important prerequisites for you in one white paper.

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