E-learnings and Q&A Session

Basic user training

Discover the possibilities of the web client and familiarize yourself with the new user interface.

Sort, filter & search

Change companies & settings

Personalize your 3PL Dynamics

WMS training

Would you like to know more about making inbounds and shipments? Or would you rather gain knowledge about setting up contracts? Follow (one of) the e-learnings from the WMS learning path.


Creating shipments in 3PL Dynamics

Creating inbounds in 3PL Dynamics

Key user training

Broaden your knowledge as a key user in one of these areas. Or view the full key-user training and learn all about scan screens, document handling stations, status templates, indication stacks, and much more.

Top 5 issues a Keyuser can solve

How to create a status template

Batch invoicing Storage & Warehouse


Invoice Periods

Document handling

Cycle counting

Status template

Configuration packages

How to set up cue tiles

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