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Key User Essentials

Printing in 3PL Dynamics, create receipts and shipments, customer items, and status templates.

Key User

Deep dives in scan screens, contracts, status functions, strategies, and packaging with Transsmart (nShift).


Warehouse strategies, scan screens, WMS contracts, status templates, and the web portal.


TMS contracts, scheduling, applying status templates for transportation.

Air & Ocean Freight

Creating air and ocean freight import/export documents.


Invoice periods and batch invoicing.

Data Integration

Data integration, Swaggerhub, and OAuth2.

Basic User

Settings, personalization, and search & filter


Learn how to custom reports - including two practice scenarios

Q&A sessions

Are you optimizing your own processes in 3PL Dynamics? But do you need a little help? Join one of our (free) Q&A sessions and get answers to specific questions from our experienced consultants.

Note: to access the e-learnings, you must be a member of the Boltrics Academy.
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Integrations & Form Recognition

Ask anything about the connector module, standard message types, or Microsoft Azure Applied AI Services in our module Customs & Logistics Integrations

Key User & WMS Issues

Get help solving WMS error messages in your processes and have your processes running in no time.


Do you have a question about changing your won layouts after following the e-learning RDLC? Join our Q&A session.

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