WMS Tracking Tracing Barcode Scanning

RF/barcode scanners in the WMS

Your team uses wireless scanners to quickly and simply register warehouse activities in the WMS. They scan the barcodes on the products and, where necessary, the picking location too. This entails double verification of whether a picking action has been carried out correctly, and mistakes are kept to a minimum.

GS1 and SSCC labeling format

As standard, this scanning module contains various label formats including, GS1 labels, plus SSCC code. The labels can be made up entirely to preference, using your preferred data and barcode(s). In this way you equip the goods with the right label upon goods in or goods out, as agreed with your customer; for example, complete SSCC labels, labels with specific party information, destination or loading labels.

Interpreting customer barcodes

Products equipped with barcode labels upon arrival simplify your goods in process. The SSCC interpretation is standard, however, your customer could use their own barcode logic that is specified in the WMS. Despite this deviation from the SSCC standard, you can still understand the customer-specific label. Among others, this helps to retrieve the product type, the quantity, and the storage life (best before).

RF Scanner Warehouse WMS

Barcode/ label printer

If the goods are not equipped with barcodes upon receipt, you can print off the barcode labels in the WMS. You prompt the label printer directly with a ZPL code. You register the label data with the scanner, or that data is delivered with EDI. The end of the goods in scanning process can result directly in the printing of a barcode label. This enables the product to be tracked throughout the warehouse process.

A more in-depth label, such as the GS1/SSCC, can be used in tracking the supply chain.

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Real-time insights into your inventory

When you use RF or HTML5 Scanners in your warehouse, you create real-time insight into your actual stock. Not only do you benefit from this, but your customers and clients as well. This significantly enlarges your options concerning information provision and you will not experience any surprises at any time. Work faster, more secure, and gain more insight. Read all about it in the brochure.
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