Running logistic processes for retailers can present many obstacles. High delivery time expectations, product quality, order accuracy and handling large volumes of small orders just to name a few. But it also offers great opportunities for growth. You have the logistic skills. 3PL Dynamics has the functionalities you need to achieve success.

Support a range of order picking flavors

In retail logistics, various methods are necessary to accommodate different operational needs. At Boltrics, we have extensive experience in handling diverse order picking requirements. This includes combined order picking for each delivery address, as well as picking based on delivery address, roll container, or pick pallet.

Moreover, we facilitate the implementation of standard delivery schedules per distribution center (DC) and can establish stock allocation priorities for individual subsidiary stores. This way, your customers can efficiently allocate stock to their headquarters and enable individual subsidiary stores to place orders as needed.

“The WMS helps us to deliver on time to the retail. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

Sjoerd Sijl, Team Lead Customer Service, Bakker Logistiek

To further enhance efficiency, our system ensures that order pickers receive clear instructions on which goods to pick. Their devices automatically display these instructions, streamlining the picking process and minimizing errors. With our comprehensive support, you can effortlessly adapt to any flow your retail logistics operation requires.



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3PL Dynamics, the way to support your retail logistic services

Retailers are always looking to increase their profitability. But they can’t do it alone. They need a logistic service provider that can keep up with the trends and developments. Tailor your services to meet the unique needs of your retail customers with 3PL Dynamics.

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Effortlessly support different delivery requirements

With 3PL Dynamics, you can rest assured that you can easily meet a wide variety of delivery requirements. This is important when serving retailers. There are many examples of how 3PL Dynamics allows you to run your process more smoothly. Anything from customizing different pallet types per delivery address to number of articles, batches, or THT on a single pallet and deviant delivery requirements during actions/promotions per order and more.

Take care of your master data

Ensure accurate and timely order deliveries while closely tracking every step from start to finish. The foundation of this process lies in maintaining impeccable master data hygiene. 3PL Dynamics presents several options to enhance and optimize the quality of your master data. For instance, you can link multiple addresses to one master address, consolidate different addresses into a single address, or employ diverse quality statuses throughout the process. Additionally, our system can automatically determine quarantine status, register serial numbers, and differentiate between the order unit and the logistic unit. These options collectively contribute to fostering the utmost quality of your master data, enabling smoother and more efficient operations.




Realtime two-way communication with EDI

Easily engage in real-time communication with your customers and third-party partners using cutting-edge EDI technology. Stay connected by providing order updates and Desadv (Delivery Advice) per delivery address or headquarters. Share accurate stock statuses and efficiently trace pick pallets back to their origin receipt pallets.

Want to enhance the level of service further? Offer your customers real-time APIs, enabling them to access stock overviews or initiate stock mutations instantly. Even if the inventory has already been picked, our system ensures seamless and up-to-date interactions, empowering your business to operate at the forefront of technological advancements.

Know all the necessary information for delivery

Effortlessly meet and exceed (high) delivery time expectations by capturing all essential information within 3PL Dynamics to ensure timely deliveries. From recording opening hours and available timetables to specifying vehicle requirements and environmental zones, 3PL Dynamics covers all the necessary details. Additionally, we account for specific needs, such as the necessity of a pump truck.

But that’s not all. Taking it a step further, our system automatically calculates loading meters based on the order, ensuring optimal space utilization and further enhancing the efficiency of your delivery processes. With 3PL Dynamics, you can confidently handle delivery demands with ease and precision.

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Provide unmatched customer service

Empower your customers to receive unparalleled levels of customer service by incorporating reverse logistics into your portfolio. Enhance your services with comprehensive return management, backorder handling, and the automated linking of signed CMR documents. Display all pertinent information on the web portal, ensuring easy access for customers, or effortlessly share essential details through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

With these advanced features, your business can elevate its customer service standards and provide a seamless experience, fostering strong relationships with clients and streamlining logistics operations for optimal efficiency.

Easily organize your pallet pool with CHEP

While handling the inflow and export of goods, a considerable number of pallets may accumulate, occupying valuable storage space. However, by integrating with pallet pool organizations like CHEP, you gain a simple solution to effectively manage and monitor pallets. This integration facilitates automatic tracking and enables seamless determination of settlement, exchange, or the addition of pallets to the pool. As a result, you can optimize pallet management efficiently and streamline your logistics processes.