Fashion Logistics, a Ukrainian-based fulfillment player, offers a one-stop shop for fashion brands. From warehousing to transportation and logistics strategic consultancy. With 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and a network of marketplaces and couriers, they know how to elevate their customers’ logistics. Making them more than a logistics service provider for their customers but a true business partner.

To help customers successfully market their products, short lead time and high productivity are bare essentials. Like no other, Fashion Logistics understands that a stable WMS platform is indispensable to achieve this and support its growth ambition.

Access to the latest innovations

Fashion Logistics has – as its name reveals – fully tailored its business to the needs of the fashion industry. Since its start, renowned brands have found their way to Fashion Logistics to be assured of a reliable logistics flow.

Oleg Trembitskiy, the founder of Fashion Logistics, has over 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry and worked for brands like Adidas. From experience, he knows that most logistics companies don’t have the knowledge in-house to run fashion-related processes.

“Logistics has always revolved around efficiency. When talking about the fashion industry, it’s on a whole different level. What might be in fashion today can be outdated the next week. So, fashion logistics is all about speed, eliminating every minor detail in the process. It is easy to underestimate the amount of work-related to fashion logistics and how to set up a cost-efficient process.” Oleg Trembitskiy, Founder of Fashion Logistics

Thanks to years of experience, he took the plunge and started Fashion Logistics. With success. Smaller local brands and worldwide brands like Asics and Timberland, they all trust in the logistics expertise of Fashion Logistics. To support customers around Europe, they need a reliable solution that allows them to scale up.

To support its growth ambitions, the fast-emerging logistics service provider opted for 3PL Dynamics.

Oleg: “3PL Dynamics is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a platform that combines flexibility with a high level of stability and usability. Offering us access to the latest technology and enabling us to take the next step in further automating and streamlining our warehouse processes.”

The Ukrainian market is known for its customer-centric attitude. Online orders come with after pay. Standard. As a result, retailers are confronted with high return rates.
Reverse logistics plays, therefore, an important role in the warehouse. Efficiency is indispensable for its profitability. For Fashion Logistics, this means they are continuously tweaking and tuning the process to eliminate all unnecessary actions. At the same time traceability is key.

Oleg: “When it comes to fashion products, each item has a unique number. You want to track the original supplier, who was responsible for transportation, and to whom it was delivered. For us, that meant we needed to be able to do cross-docking on piece level. One of the hardest things to correctly capture in the logistics process.

3PL Dynamics enables us to register this information in a very user-friendly way.”

The implementation was in good hands with PROVA NOV as their partner. PROVA NOV is Boltrics’ international partner in Romania and Ukraine and a certified Microsoft reseller with an impressive track record that helps customers to improve their efficiency with smart IT solutions. Oleg: “There was no doubt they were the right partner to complete this project.”

“Our team is ready; our system is all set – we’ve got all the ingredients set up to commit to growth. Next stop: international expansion.”

Oleg Trembitskiy

Founder of Fashion Logistics

High productivity. High speed.

Since working with 3PL Dynamics, Fashion Logistics is in the position to process orders twice as fast. Where their competitors need 3 to 5 days to deliver goods, Fashion Logistics only need 1 to 2 days.

During the implementation of 3PL Dynamics, Fashion Logistics started with adding the data of its smaller customers first. After that went successfully, they also migrated its larger accounts. In doing so, they reached a major milestone in the growth plan of the Ukrainian logistics service provider.

Facts & figures

  • Process orders twice as fast as their competitors
  • Processed over 100.000 orders within the first weeks
  • Go-live within 3 months after first workshop


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