Growth, revenue, innovation. Running the logistics processes of retailers can provide significant opportunities. Obviously, it goes hand in hand with a few challenges as well. Think of seasonal fluctuations, handling large volumes of small orders, and high expectations regarding delivery times, order accuracy and product quality. At the same time, retailers are known for their innovative character. No wonder they are looking for LSPs that offer innovative solutions and technologies to improve their supply chain operation. Providing your business with an opportunity to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition.

Tailor your services to meet the unique needs of your customers. Tune into functionalities which are available out of the box. Without needing to heavily investment. Here are the top functionalities you can start using right away.

1. Different delivery requirements

Supporting retailers equals different delivery requirements. That’s why 3PL Dynamics offers flexibility in setting up your requirements. Below are a few examples:

  • Per delivery address a different pick pallet type
  • Requirements on height or weight for pick pallets
  • Intermediate pallets
  • Number of labels & type of labels
  • GS1 number range per customer (delivery address)
  • Number of articles, batches, or THT on a single pallet
  • THT sequence; prevent delivering products older than a certain date at the same location
  • Max THT on delivery date
  • Deviant delivery requirements during actions/promotions per order

2. Management of master data

Delivering the right product at the right address starts with data hygiene. That’s why 3PL Dynamics offers multiple options to streamline and improve the quality of your master data. For example:

  • Link address to one master address
  • Route different names of addresses to one address
  • Different quality statuses at the same time
  • Automatic determination of Quarantine status, based on Production/Receipt date/time + Quarantine period (days, hours, minutes)  
  • Order unit versus logistic unit
  • Serial numbers

3. Order picking

Retail logistics requires a wide range of order-picking requirements. Support whatever flow your customer requests.  

  • Combined order picking per delivery address
  • Picking per delivery address, per roll container / pick pallet
  • Standard delivery schedules per DC
  • Stock allocation based on priority per subsidiary store
  • Headquarter-owned stock, ordered by subsidiary stores
  • Picking instructions: automatic display on the order picker screen

4. EDI messages

Communicate effortlessly and in real-time with customers and third parties with the latest EDI technology. Including:

  • Desadv per delivery address, and/or Desadv to head office
  • Updates orders (lines)
  • Stock statuses
  • Provide customers with real-time APIs to get an overview of their stock
  • Provide customers with real-time APIs to run stock mutations, even if the inventory is already picked
  • Track-trace pick pallets to the origin receipt pallet

5. Transportation

Make sure orders can easily be delivered and know the exceptions per address. Capture all the necessary information in 3PL Dynamics to ensure a smooth delivery. For example:

  • Opening hours / Closing times
  • Timetable / Delivery Schedule
  • Vehicle requirements on delivery, environmental zone, pump truck, etc.
  • Automatic loading meter calculation based on ordered stock

6. Customer Service

Support your customers in achieving the highest level of customer care and add reverse logistics to your portfolio with:

  • Return order management. Create an issue order, register return goods, and link it to the corresponding shipment
  • Backorders
  • Auto-link the signed CMR, and show it on the web portal or automatically share information via EDI

7. Pallet Exchange – CHEP

Keep track of the exchange of pallets with smart integrations and pre-defined (automatic) workflows.

  • Integration with Palletpool organizations (CHEP)
  • Automatically determine: Settlement, Exchange, Pallet pool
Retail logistiek in Dynamics

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