Managing work schedules. Overviewing available resources. Periodical maintenance activities. Effective resource management is imperative for your organization to operate at peak efficiency. Planning resources onto trips requires a clear understanding of their availability and utilization. Many companies rely on a multitude of tools to manage resource allocation effectively. However, 3PL Dynamics offers a more structured approach through Boltrics’ TMS. This is where the Resource Dispatcher functionality comes into play, offering a centralized solution to streamline resource management. By embracing the power of resource optimization you can take your operations to new heights. Let’s delve into how this tool can revolutionize your operations.

Insight into Availability and Occupancy

Do you find yourself wondering if you’re making optimal use of your resources? Are you unsure which vehicle has the capacity to undertake a specific trip? When will your driver return from vacation? When is scheduled maintenance for your truck? There is no need to worry anymore – the Resource Dispatcher can answer these common questions swiftly and accurately.

The 4 Key Features of the Resource Dispatcher

1. Resource Overview

One of the primary functions of a resource dispatcher is to provide a comprehensive view of available resources. Through color-coded time slots, users can easily identify when a resource is free to plan trips. These time slots are fully customizable to align with specific operational needs.

2. Work Schedules

Given the diverse nature of customer demands and cost-reduction, employing various work schedules is essential. Whether it’s different shifts or specific working days, the resource dispatcher simplifies the management of these schedules. Setting up and assigning these schedules to drivers is straightforward. Thus ensuring smooth coordination.

3. Maintenance and Absence Management

When planning, users have to consider periodical maintenance of equipment, along with personnel absences. With the resource dispatcher, scheduling maintenance, repairs and documenting employee leave becomes hassle-free. Moreover, these entries seamlessly update resource availability. The resource dispatcher offers one clear view on what resources are available. This ensures that users are planning optimally.

4. Efficient Resource Allocation

The heart of the Resource Dispatcher lies in its ability to assign resources to different tasks with a simple click. Divided into two windows—the resource view and the task view—it facilitates quick and intuitive allocation. By selecting the desired trips and resources, assignments can be made swiftly, optimizing resource utilization.

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