More orders and more revenue but at the same time profits are decreasing. Ironic, don’t you think? As orders continue to flow in, rising wage and fuel costs depress your margin. Your lifesaver? On the one hand, optimum occupancy of the fleet and maximum employability of your drivers. On the other hand, reducing internal administration through an integrated (digital) process. In this way, you can create your invoices in no time including all relevant services. Learn more during our webinar.

Worried about wasting money due to unfortunate planned stops? Is it a quest to find out where which truck is located? Are you frustrated that you cannot meet the information request of your customer?

In 30 minutes we share how a complex transportation planning becomes a piece of cake and how to stay in control of your margins. We show how you can create orders, compile trips and generate invoices from one system. But also how you can easily set tariff agreements, how an intuitive, graphical plan board shows you exactly where your resources are located and how you can easily optimize the customer experience with a little help of data.

During this webinar we share how Boltrics’ TMS solution helps you

  • Easily schedule or assign resources to a specific task and/or order
  • Facilitate the work of your transport planners with the visual experience of Boltrics ’planboard
  • Gain insight into where resources are located and which require extra attention
  • Capture complex tariff agreements to keep a grip on costs
  • Save time and money with standard available integration options
  • And easily gain insight into the earnings per customer

Watch our webinar:

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