Working smarter and more efficiently is the key to keeping your head above water in the continuing tight labor market. New employees are nearly impossible to find. Let alone skilled employees. The hard truth is that you must work with what you have got. And that means you must have your employees work as efficiently as possible. Your software solution helps you improve the efficiency of your logistic processes. That is step one. However, do you want to take it to the next level? Then, you also digitalize the information to your customers with the help of an online customer portal. In that way, you relieve the workload for your employees, while increasing the customer experience. Win–Win.

“Introducing the customer portal saved us at least 2 FTEs. Our team no longer has to forward reports, and phone calls and incoming emails drastically dropped. Resources we can now use for further process optimization.”

Miranda Verkooijen, Managing Director Verkooijen Veem
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The 5 latest innovations in 3PL Dynamics’ web portal

The customer portal – or web portal – that works with Boltrics’ 3PL Dynamics solution gives you the possibility to give your customers insights into their orders, inventory, and much more. Furthermore, your customers can immediately do actions in their web portal, which directly communicate with your software. The possibilities are endless. And innovations are in full swing. In this blog, we have listed the five latest innovations regarding the web portal.

Note: some of these features are available from 3PL version 23.4.

1. Receive emails as BCC

The web portal can automatically generate and send emails following certain actions. However, in some cases, these emails end up in a spam folder in your customer’s mailbox. A place where your customer cannot and will not find the email. When automatically sending the same email as BCC to a third email address, you are ensured the email isn’t accidentally lost in the process. For example, send it to your own email address to make sure you can quickly find it when the customer knocks at your door.

Emails from web portal

2. User status

In your 3PL Dynamics environment, you can now see the status of web portal users. In other words, when the user last logged in to the online portal. If, for example, you charge your customers for the use of the web portal, you can now check whether or not they actually use it. Via ‘Web Portal v2 User List’, you can navigate to ‘User Status’ to activate users and see their most recent activity.

New features web portal Boltrics
User status web portal Boltrics

3. Improved readability of graphs

Dashboards are a helpful way to easily show a collection of data. In the most recent update of the web portal, the visibility of graphs on these dashboards in improved. Among other things, by using higher contrasting colors. 

Dashboards web portal

4. Execute functions in the web portal

Besides the possibilities to book time slots or access track & trace links, the available actions in the web portal are expanded. Now, users can directly execute functions. For example, generate and download reports or update a BI data source. With the push of a button.

Functions 3PL Web portal

5. Show sub-view fields on the main view

Finally, it is now possible to show certain fields from sub-views, which are normally only visible after opening the sub-views, directly on the list pages of the web portal. For example, fields of document lines.

In this way, you can for example show fields of the batch content on the handling unit content list. Like the total weight of all handling units of the batch or the number of handling units. 

Note: this is only possible if the fields have a 1-on-1 relation between the vies. (Zero to One).

Data in 3PL Dynamics' web portal

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