Dealing with resources efficiently has always been important for logistics service providers worldwide. However, the growing customer demand for information, fast technological developments, and labor shortages now make deploying your employees correctly a must. An online customer portal helps you tackle these challenges. For example, with it, your customers can directly see the status of an order without having to call your offices. And, they can easily download data and reports without the need to email your employees. And that saves you time!

“Introducing the customer portal saved us at least 2 FTEs. Our team no longer must forward reports, and phone calls and incoming emails drastically dropped. Resources we can now use for further process optimization.”

Miranda Verkooijen, Managing Director Verkooijen Veem
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Configure Boltrics’ new web portal

Recently, Boltrics invested in a brand-new web portal. A portal that is ready for the future, meets all must-have functionalities, and is flexibly configurable for your customers. Underneath, we show you how you can set up different aspects of the web portal yourself using four how-to videos.

Personalize the user experience

An online customer portal is the flagship of your organization. Among other things, it should be recognizable to your customers. That is why one of the must-have functionalities of a powerful customer portal is the possibility of adding your own logo. A setup you can do in just a couple of clicks.

Create a web portal view

Flexibility is key. That is why, in the new portal, you can determine what views the customer sees and what data is shown. In the video below, you learn how to create a completely new view in 3PL Dynamics.

Apply templates

In the video above, you have seen how you create a new view. However, manually configuring all the correct settings can be too time-consuming. Therefore, Boltrics offers templates that help you set up all the right configurations with one click. Watch how to apply these templates.

Add a new user to your customer portal

A new customer often means a new user. Do you want to give this new user access to your web portal? Then, you can quickly add the user by copying the configurations of an existing user. Beware to change the dynamic filter if needed.

More information?

As you can see, you can do many configurations yourself. However, do you need help adjusting certain settings? Or do you want to start using the customer portal in your organization? Watch the webinar Successfully respond to self-service requirements with a powerful customer portal or mail to