This year’s finish line is in sight. In just a couple of weeks, we will have started the new year. However, it is this period, right before the holidays, that puts a lot of pressure on most logistic operations. Fulfillment companies work day and night to pick and pack all the presents ordered online and the complete logistic chain runs at full speed to supply all the stores. And, as if that is not enough, you must also prepare your administration for next year. Therefore, we gladly help you on your way and share what settings you cannot forget for a flying start in 2024. In this blog: adjusting contracts and prices.

Do the End-of-Year Check

Invoice periods, number series, general ledger setups, user setups, and contracts. Do you want to be ready for the new year? Then, you cannot forget to check these settings during your End-of-Year Check. In this blog, we discuss all the essential settings to prepare you for 2024.

Adjust your contracts for 2024: from valid dates to prices

Managing contracts and price agreements is not the core business of your logistics company. However, it does make sure money is earned with your services. Therefore, you want to set up the contracts and correct prices once, without having to worry about them all year long. With the following three steps, your prices will in no time be adjusted to the rates for 2024.

Step 1: check if your contracts are still valid

Are your contracts expiring? Then you must extend the ‘valid to date’ in your software. While you are at it, also make sure to check the lines and detail lines to prevent issues in the first weeks of the new year.

Step 2: Determine the starting date for the price adjustments

Will you charge different prices for your services next year? Change prices via ‘Adjust Prices’.

Then, a wizard will open. Choose the starting date of the new prices here. And, if necessary, select the end date of the prices.

Step 3: Determine the new prices in the contract

In this step, you select what service(s) you want to adjust the charges for. Here, you can filter on contracts to select multiple contracts at the same time or on contract lines to change prices per document type. For example, the service charges for all receipts.

After that, you determine how to adjust the prices. You can update prices with a fixed amount, increase prices with a fixed amount, or adjust the current price with a percentage.

The difference between updating prices with a fixed amount and increasing prices with a fixed amount.
When updating the price with a fixed amount, a new service line is created with the entered amount. When increasing the price with a fixed amount, the entered amount will be added to the current amount charged for the services.

Your logistic operation ready for 2024

Prevent errors in your logistic software in the first weeks of the new year. Do the End-of-Year Check. Prepare not only your contracts, but also make sure your number series, user setups, and other financial settings are updated to the new year. Happy holidays!