The year is almost over. And what a year it has been. A year in which you had to push your limits in order to follow the many technological developments. A year full of new hurdles. On one side, you were affected by the restrictions due to COVID-19. On the other side, you had to deal with new booming markets like e-fulfillment. A year in which you wanted to seize opportunities, but could not lose sight of your current business.  And all that, while you were offering the best possible service to your customers. Now, the year is almost over. And that means it is time for the year-end check. In this blog, we help you with the last meters and make sure you have a great start in the new year.

Check. Check. Check.

The year-end check does not simply consist out of closing the financial year. There are a lot more financial facets you have to keep in mind before January 1st. For example, have you changed your general ledger setup? Are your invoice periods available? Are your contracts still valid? Read how you can check and immediately adjust your settings in our blog prepare yourself for the new year: do the End-of-Year Check.

Create number series

One of the things you need to check to enter the new year stress-free are the number series in 3PL Dynamics. Each year, you create new number series to prevent errors at the beginning of the new year. However, you can do that more easily! Thanks to new functionality, you do not have to remind yourself of creating the new number series. Instead, you update the number series automatically for the upcoming years. In that way, your logistics operations will continue without errors in your system when you forgot to create the number series. Learn how to do this yourself in the video below.

New year. New possibilities.

With the year-end check, you are ready for the new year in no time. Ready to be quick off the mark. And by automatically creating the new number series for the next periods, you do not have to worry about this anymore next year. However, do you still have a question about changing the general ledger setups or your contracts? Or do you still receive an error in January? Then, our support team will help you on your way.