The constant flow of goods from multiple customers creates unique logistical obstacles. As a 3PL, your inventory management challenges are complex. Without proper visibility into your inventory, you cannot keep your promises to your customers. The last thing you want to do is disappoint your customers. Plus, your order pickers have to spend a lot of time figuring out inventory when they need to pick an order. After all, not all inventory is actually available for picking. At Boltrics, we understand the importance of efficiency and accuracy in inventory management. That’s why we’ve expanded our scanning feature.

Scan and see only what is really available

As a logistics provider, you regularly deal with reserved inventory, products in blocked locations, or other reasons why inventory is not readily available for shipment. With the Boltrics WMS it was already possible to get an overview of the inventory. This new feature takes it to the next level. With the new scanning feature, the scanner not only shows what is in the warehouse, but also what is actually available for stocking. The difference is subtle, but invaluable. With this capability, your warehouse workers can pick only what is actually available. This streamlines the picking process and gives you more control over your logistics operations.


And there’s more: it can also be used for order entry via the web portal

What makes this innovation even more powerful is that it has been implemented as an intuitive scan function. This allows you to use the feature to streamline the order entry process through the web portal. If your customer uses the web portal for order entry, you can easily activate the scan application through the same portal. This makes the feature available to your customers. And you can be confident that the inventory the customer selects during order entry is actually available. This level of visibility and accuracy not only improves your own operational efficiency, but also increases your customers’ satisfaction.

Whitepaper: use your voice and put your WMS to work

With Boltrics you are always up-to-date. Take immediate advantage of all the updates that have been made with input from over 300 logistics providers. We are proud to take this new step in optimizing your order and inventory management. Talk about innovation. Did you know that Boltrics also supports voice picking? Read our white paper to learn more about this and its advantages over other picking methods.

Whitepaper: Use your voice and put your WMS to work

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