In 1992, Parts Express led the way with an important logistic innovation: night distribution. Now, over 30 years later, the logistics service provider continues to innovate and chooses a new TMS.

With five sites in the Netherlands, four in Belgium, and a total workforce of 750 employees, Parts Express delivers shipments thrice a day. Variating from night distribution, day distribution, and Same Day Delivery. And that means they have to move quickly. When they experienced that the current software environments could not handle this pace, the logistics service provider from Vianen started the search for a new Transport Management Solution. The best match? That they found with Boltrics.

Work fast and flexibly on a proven software platform

“We started the search for a standard software package to manage our logistic administration and ensure ourselves of a strong technological foundation in the future,” says Rick Goudberg, ICT Manager at Parts Express. “Our custom-made solution became too hard to maintain. Also because it was hosted on our own local server park. Among other things, one of the key elements of the project is to start moving to the cloud and phase out our local database. Within those requirements, Boltrics’ TMS matched our IT philosophy best: a flexibly configurable system, completely cloud-based.”

Furthermore, the industry-specific philosophy of Boltrics was an important guarantee towards the future, explains Rick: “Will there be any changes in legal requirements for logistic companies? Or will there be new technologies available to simplify our logistic processes? Then, Boltrics will support that. All logistics service providers working with the standard software benefit from each other’s input. Including us. Therefore, we are always up-to-date regarding the latest developments in IT and transportation. Enabling us to keep moving quickly and working flexibly for our customers.”

Uniformity throughout the entire logistic operation

Boltrics’ TMS solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. In other words, the users at Parts Express will work with a familiar look and feel. In addition, this will offer the possibility to easily switch between other applications of Microsoft 365.

Rick Goudberg: “We use this project to create uniformity in our operation. One way of working. One source of data. Our employees can access the TMS everywhere. From home or each of our sites. Furthermore, we can easily export data from and to Excel or drag and drop attachments from and to Outlook. Which means we always have all our data within reach.”

The TMS supports employees on the road to success

Besides the new path in the area of software, Parts Express will keep focusing on its employees. “Whatever system you may use, eventually the people will have to get the job done. However, now, we can offer our people a more efficient way to successfully do their work,” says Rick.

Parts Express does so with the help of integrations with PTV and Aventeon, capturing irregularities, and incident management in the TMS. “This combination will help us to not only continue to guarantee the quality of our services but also take it to the next level.”

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