PESENTI Trasporti & Logistica, one of Italy’s leading transport companies, moves to the cloud with its brand-new TMS solution. Offering a wide range of services in Italy and abroad, they can now benefit from the latest innovations in TMS while having access to the highest level possible in data protection. Benedetto Pesenti, “realtime insights while keeping our customer’s data protected.”

Pesenti has come a long way since its start in 1953. With 60 years of experience, they know that success just doesn’t happen overnight. It takes determination, hard work, and the courage to continuously innovate. You can’t just lean back. You need to be in the driver’s seat.

One of Pesenti’s key priorities is customer loyalty. And loyalty is all about trust. Proving you’re a reliable business partner. Punctual delivery and accurate, up-to-date information. With over 36.000 shipments per year, a solid TMS is an absolute must-have for Pesenti. A tool that helps them stay in control of all movements. Whether goods are transported by their own fleet or outsourced, 24/7 insight is vital.

Benedetto Pesenti – CEO of Pesenti: “In a dynamic world like logistics, customer loyalty is our top priority. To keep up with customer needs, we need to stay on top of the latest technological developments. You don’t want to be limited by technology. It should support the distinctive character of your logistic operation. Enabling growth.”

To support this, Pesenti continuously searches for new ways to improve business processes. Think, for example, of advanced planning tools to stay in control of movements. Enabling them to make the next step in optimization and easily communicate the latest information with drivers, subcontractors, and customers. Fostering the customer experience. The investment in a brand-new TMS will help them elaborate new business processes.

No worries about backups. Less complexity. More innovation.

The main goal of their new TMS solution was a full SaaS solution with which they can integrate planning, execution, and WMS activities. To achieve this, their quest started for a partner with whom they could evolve the application ecosystem. Their search brought them to 3PL Dynamics – an industry standard specifically developed for the 3PL market. A cloud solution that comes with the always up-to-date guarantee. With over 300 implementations in 24 countries, they can trust a proven track record.

Benedetto: “With 3PL Dynamics, we’re never confronted again with outdated software and are assured we can quickly respond to changing IT needs. Offering us the possibility to develop new business processes allowing us to make a qualitative leap at the organizational level.

At the same time, with our logistics software hosted in Microsoft Azure, we know we have access to the highest level possible in data protection. Keeping hackers out and our data protected.”

To support its customers around the globe, Boltrics – the developer of 3PL Dynamics – works internationally with local partners. They work closely together with Boltrics and follow the same philosophy. In Italy, NuBeTech is the preferred partner to run the implementations. An experienced Microsoft partner with a track record of ERP implementations.