Avalanche Laboratory joins Boltrics’ international partner network and launches 3PL Dynamics in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Avalanche’s team is on a clear mission: offering logistics service providers an answer to the everchanging market with an affordable industry standard that comes with the always up-to-date promise.

Avalanche Laboratory, a Microsoft partner, will be implementing the solution 3PL Dynamics to ensure seamless implementation, and provide local support. The ERP software expert makes a flying start with the first upcoming implementation of 3PL Dynamics implementation for CF&S.  

3PL Dynamics comes with an unorthodox implementation methodology: fixed time, fixed price, and always up to date. In general, the implementation takes less than 3 months. That requires a different approach than billing per hour which most software vendors prefer.    

Jan-Cornell van Ekris, Commercial Director at Boltrics: “We crossed paths with Avalanche Laboratory a few months ago and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With multiple upcoming projects for the Baltic region, we were keen on expanding our partner network. Nonetheless, we take our time to select our partners. With a unique implementation, we need partners who speak the same language.  We believe Avalanche Laboratory’s team truly understands our methodology and speaks the language of the logistics industry.”   

Boltrics’ partner network is expanding like an oil slick. 3PL Dynamics is already represented in 20 countries – from Belgium to Australia – and growing as we speak. With Avalanche Laboratory on board, the logistics software solution 3PL Dynamics is also available in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  

3PL Dynamics offers an answer to the everchanging challenges of logistics

Rain Kirjanen, CEO at Avalanche: “Logistics has for a long time evolved from only trucks, trains, ships, and planes business into IT business. In meeting the ever-changing needs of your customers, logistics businesses need to adapt to moving information even faster than goods. It’s my great pleasure to partner with Boltrics, the market leader in software for logistics service providers.”

Where most software implementations take 6 to 12 months, 3PL Dynamics has a track record of go-lives within 3 months. All customers continue to have the latest Microsoft technology. All the time. And that is unprecedented.