High volumes, time pressure, many different types of articles. The logistic handling of e-commerce orders is not simple. In no time, your order pickers must process orders for shipment. And, as if that is not difficult enough, you must be able to trace all the articles and meet many different customer demands. To realize this, you rely on your WMS. However, do you know what functionalities are available for you?

What functionalities are in the software?

As a customer of Boltrics, you can use functionalities from the logistics industry. As promised, you work with the branch standard. All our customers together provided input for developments in 3PL Dynamics and have together made the software into what it is today. Also for e-fulfillment!

Do you start working with e-fulfilment? Or are you curious about what functionalities you can standardly use to support your processes? Find out in less that a minute.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about the functionalities in 3PL Dynamics? Or do you need help setting up your e-fulfillment process? Mail to request@boltrics.nl.