From mid-April, Trans-Continental Logistics in Antwerp will streamline all their logistics processes with a new future-proof WMS. The logistics service provider focuses on logistics flows that come and go in containers. After a successful implementation at one of the warehouses in March, TCL will also automate and optimize the processes of their six other warehouses. TCL is a logistics service provider that does not focus on just one niche market, but offers a total solution to both manufacturers and forwarders. Because they work for different sectors and different actors in the chain, they were logically looking for a flexible WMS that can support these processes effortlessly. Boltrics’ WMS turned out to be a hit.

Everything you need for a fast process

At TCL they have 7 warehouses in Antwerp, within a radius of 400 meters from each other. They offer their customers a total solution, from forwarding to logistics, transport and customs formalities where all assets are in-house. In this way, they can manage and complete all the logistics services they need for their customers.

With its highly varied customer base and various logistics services, TCL was looking for a WMS system that can be flexibly configured, reducing manual actions and evolves with the developments in the field of IT and the organization itself, says Tim Wouters, Director Operations at TCL. “We were looking for a system to plan more efficiently and to monitor better, so that we can continue to react and make adjustments quickly.” They found that solution at our Belgian partner Elevate-IT.

A future-proof and flexible WMS

TCL’s previous WMS was outdated after eight years, says Bart Van Cotthem, Logistics Coordinator at TCL. “We ran up against limits. It still did what it was supposed to do, but we got stuck towards the future.” The eye fell on Boltrics’future-proof WMS. “We are now live with the first flow and the first impression is certainly very positive, otherwise we would not start with the second project, of course,” says Bart.

Bart van Cotthem: “Both the employees in the office and in the warehouses are positive about the WMS and the scanning screens. The scanning screens are very clear and configurable. Little information is needed to be able to process an order, because a lot of information has already been entered automatically.”

Tim Wouters: “The continuity, the possibilities and the solution as a whole gives confidence to continue with it. We know that there are many more possibilities to expand the WMS. This gives us guarantees, regardless of our current activities and target groups that may evolve in the future. It also provides the opportunity to gain an even better insight into all our logistics operations. We will obtain even more transparency about additional performances and services, as well as materials used, and so on. ”

Collaboration is multiplication

“We have experienced the collaboration with Elevate-IT very positively. The implementation was handled very professionally. The schedule and deadlines were met and questions we asked were always answered immediately. We right away heard what was and what was not possible, so we always knew what we stood for, ”says Bart. “We look forward to the go-live with the following flows.”