Today, Trexico Logistics went live with Boltrics’ WMS solution. They are the first to go live with the brand new 100% SaaS solution from Boltrics.

For more than 20 years, Trexico Logistics has been making a name with its logistics activities towards Russia. Thanks to a very experienced team of employees and its own office, located in Moscow, the logistics service provider makes sure the transportation of goods runs in the right direction. In addition to transport, Trexico offers a flexible solution for its customers with over 17,000 m2 of storage space and a wide range of VAL activities.

Multiple process flows in one solution

The most diverse goods are stored in Trexico’s warehouse. From consumer goods to raw materials for the food, animal feed and cosmetic industries. Products with their own characteristics and requirements when it comes to the administration. In other words, a multitude of process flows controlled within one system. Process flows that Trexico prefers to run as automated as possible. Their WMS solution is indispensable.

Harm Blaauwgeers, operational director at Trexico Logistics: “When our previous WMS supplier informed us that various functionalities would expire, we got the final push we needed to switch to a WMS that is future-proof.”

Within no time, they found the right match in the WMS of Boltrics. The solution contains all the required functionality and comes with the always up-to-date guarantee. Besides, the WMS is fully integrated with Microsoft’s SaaS product Dynamics 365 Business Central. The cloud platform not only runs in Microsoft Azure but is also fully managed by Microsoft. Giving Trexico peace of mind because they no longer have to worry about performance issues or need to invest in privately owned expensive servers.

When Trexico grows, so does the system

Thanks to the SaaS platform, it is really easy to scale up the system. Is Trexico growing as a company or does collaboration with its customers require a more complex process? The desired change can be implemented in no time. This way, users will not experience any disrupting the continuity of the system but will always support the processes. Where Trexico grows, so does the system.

Software as a Service: access to the software anytime and anywhere

Blaauwgeers: “The full suite of Boltrics is available on a web browser. The solution can be used on all our mobile devices with an internet connection. Whether we are working at the office or are on the road, from now on we can access the information anytime anywhere and we no longer have to call back and forth with the office. That is a big plus.”

Jan-Cornell van Ekris, Commercial Director at Boltrics: “Until a few years ago, operational knowledge within the logistics sector was the most important skill, followed by commercial skills. Today, logistics service providers have to deal with a third pillar: IT. Trexico Logistics understands that like no other and sees the possibilities of innovations. It is therefore fantastic to see how they directly adopt new developments such as our SaaS solution.”