At the end of 2020, the German IT company Profor Software signed a partnership with Boltrics. Thanks to the brand-new collaboration, the German logistics industry can now also benefit from the industry specific functionalities that have been developed by Boltrics. Moreover, the strategic partnership is in line with Boltrics’ objective to, in addition to the current 10 international partners within and outside Europe, expand its international partner network in 2021 and to be able to provide logistics service providers worldwide with a suitable solution.

Think globally, act locally

Under the guise of “think globally, act locally”, Boltrics works with international resellers to break through language barriers and cultural differences. Profor Software is ready to welcome the German logistics market and to communicate, act and provide customers with the necessary implementation and support with German precision. At the same time, Boltrics provides the branch standard, specifically for logistics service providers by offering a software package with a wide range of industry specific functionalities that have been developed. “3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics are products for which a lot has already been developed, specifically aimed at the logistics market,” says Christoph Richter, CEO of Profor Software. “The basic platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central always comes with the latest technology, but the functionality required by logistics is missing. Through the collaboration with Boltrics, we can offer the German market a software package that seamlessly matches the wishes and processes of logistics service providers and these customers always remain up-to-date. In addition, German logistics service providers are benefiting from the functionalities already developed and fully used by national and international organizations such as Kloosterboer, Frigolanda and MOL Logistics.”

Internationalization, also for the customers

Of the 180 customers of Boltrics, who already work with the branch standard, there are also quite a number who operate in both the Netherlands and Germany. The cooperation with Profor Software not only expands Boltrics to the German market, but also makes it easy for Dutch customers of Boltrics to work with the same system at different locations, both nationally and internationally. In addition, both parties are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, which means that knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central contributes to a smooth collaboration.

Jan-Cornell van Ekris, Managing Director at Boltrics: “Partly due to ongoing globalization, we increasingly noticed that local establishments of our customers from abroad are also interested in our product. This ties in well with our ambition to become a strong global player when it comes to solutions for logistics service providers based on the Microsoft platform. Because we want to act locally, we started looking for a local Microsoft partner to enter the German logistics market. We found this collaboration with Profor Software. We are looking forward to offering our industry specific software to the German market, which can immediately benefit from the rich functionality it now has.”