H. de Vries Pluimveeverwerkende Industrie B.V. has chosen Nekovri Dynamics to support its warehouse activities. De Vries processes fresh and frozen poultry meat. At the moment, De Vries is building a new warehouse where, apart from its own stock, the inventory for third parties will also be managed.

With Nekovri Dynamics, warehouse activities are fully supported, such as inventory management, location management and goods in and goods out. The use of RF scanners is introduced to support the activities in the warehouse. In addition, a fully automated weighbridge integration will be implemented.

Herman de Vries, Owner of De Vries; “Because we are building a new warehouse and managing third-party inventory, we needed a new warehouse software. We chose Nekovri Dynamics because this standard solution was developed specifically for logistics companies in the cold storage logistics, like us. Because Boltrics makes sure Nekovri Dynamics is always on the latest version, we are always up to date and ready for the future! ”

About Poultry Company H. de Vries Poultry Company

Poultry Company H. de Vries was founded in 1992. Currently, De Vries has a weekly production of 150 tons of fresh and frozen products for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland. The company is BRC, IKB and Q-S approved.