Last September, Aludon opened a new and modern logistics center in Drachten for the storage of aluminum profiles and the semi-finished products processed from them for its customers. With this, Aludon responds to the ever-increasing demand from customers for storage of the processed and to be processed profiles, as well as the logistics for the inbound of the unprocessed profiles and the outbound to the direct customer of the processed profiles. This expansion of the services and logistics unburdening for its clients has been set up by Aludon in a new logistics branch: PCU Logistics. This logistics service can also be provided outside the aluminum industry.

To make optimal use of the warehouse of PCU Logistics, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Boltrics was chosen. This system can effortlessly record the different dimensions of the aluminum profiles. Moreover – thanks to the fixed implementation process of three months – the WMS could go live even before the warehouse was officially opened.

‘You ask, we deliver’

Increasingly, Aludon is being asked whether the aluminum profiles, after they have been processed into a semi-finished or end product, can also be stored in the factory. With the option of storage, the customer saves on logistics costs and the products can be purchased on demand (just-in-time). This shortens the chain, because the processed profiles do not have to be returned to the customer in storage, but can be transported directly to the end customer. The new warehouse of PCU Logistics, which is adjacent to the production hall of Aludon, streamlines all these logistics activities effortlessly with Boltrics’ WMS and simultaneously manages the stock for products from both inside and outside the aluminum industry.

The Boltrics software solution provides 24/7 insight into the stock for both Aludon and its customers, simplifies the processing of administrative tasks and ensures that the warehouse is optimally organized and used. “During the construction of the new warehouse, we started looking for an effective and future-proof WMS, so that we do not have to worry about our software in the coming years,” said Piet Dijkstra, CEO at Aludon. “I was in contact with Bakker Transport and Warehousing and they were very pleased with Boltrics’ WMS. The Boltrics software is always up-to-date after the one-time implementation because of the automated updates. It feels good to be able to start like this.”

A WMS that supports a flying start

Boltrics implements according to a “fixed time, fixed price” method. This means that the implementation process is set up in such a way that within three months, the system is configurated, key-users are trained and the WMS can go live. “While the warehouse was literally still under construction, work was already being done behind the scenes on setting up and streamlining the logistics activities,” says Piet Dijkstra. In addition, Boltrics’ WMS works on one version, which means that updates are automated. The software is therefore always up-to-date, even years after implementation. With the system, PCU Logistics has a clear insight into their stock, and the digital invoice flow will immediately save on administrative costs. In short, PCU Logistics has got off to a good start and is looking forward to serving Aludon’s customers even better and at the same time deliver logistics services for new customers outside the aluminum industry.