Microsoft spends everyday on innovation and optimizing its products. Always with the same values and mission in mind: “Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.”   This automatically applies to the Dynamics platform. To prepare the solution for the future, Microsoft is currently investing a lot in the public cloud. And for this reason, we are rewriting our entire solution. We are happy to explain it in this message.

Towards the public cloud: Software as a Service

So, Dynamics 365 Business Central will become besides on-premise and the Boltrics cloud, also suitable for the public cloud. But what is that exactly? At this moment, at Boltrics you can install your solution locally (on-premise), in the cloud or as a combination of these two. This all has to do with hosting or in other words: the calculation power that ensures your solution to run properly. The cloud solution we currently offer is managed by us. We offer this cloud-hosting version as an additional service. That is why this installation variant is also known as IaaS: Installation as a Service.

From Infrastructure- to Software as a Service

In the public cloud, Microsoft is the one who manages it. Hereby users of a solution (such as Dynamics, but Office 365 too) only need to purchase a software contract. This is why this is called SaaS: Software as a Service.

Data centralization and Artificial Intelligence

The reason why Microsoft is moving towards this direction is known. The importance of data rises every day and Artificial Intelligence is introducing itself in multiple work fields. To be able to apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, much calculation power is needed. And this power cannot be guaranteed with local installed solutions or IaaS-cloud solutions. By centralizing data and set a lot of power against it, this opportunity is created.

Always up-to-date: why is that again? At Boltrics, we always strive for fulfilling our five promises. And obviously, we do this for a reason. Technical developments go at high-speed and for relatively small software companies it is impossible to keep up with Tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google and SAP, for example. Not to mention logistics companies with software systems developed in-house by a own IT department. That is why we work together with Microsoft. They invest with all of their financial and human resources in the latest developments and by doing so they are able to walk up front. By working with such a modern platform, we are able to focus on the translation towards the logistics market. And because of our specific focus on logistics service providers, we only develop that what is necessary for you. Thanks to the periodic updates, you are already (and/or still) working with the newest technology, relevant features and the most modern security software. Without having to do repeatable implementation investments for this.

Future proof in multiple work fields

Another development that is related to this situation, is the following: the programming language of Dynamics is changing from C/AL into AL. Microsoft made this decision because of the future readiness of the solution. Namely, the current programming language and -environment are not matching the skills and needs of today’s and tomorrow’s developers. To guarantee enough developers in the future as well, we are currently rewriting our complete solution to AL. This code is based on Visual Studio Code, one of the most used environments worldwide. You can understand that this makes the proverbial pond we fish in significantly larger. That is why this transition has our highest priority at this moment.

Flexibility and developments in the modern client

Finally, Microsoft will stop support on the Windows client after the next update run. From that point, all users will work in the same environment: the modern client. You access this solution via your browser and that is why you might know it as the web client. Accessing via the web browser boosts your flexibility; the solution is always and everywhere accessible, as long as you have access to the internet. Moreover the appearance provides more clarity, which leads to an improved user experience. You might have some experience with this Dynamics version and therefore experience differences with the Windows client. Luckily, Microsoft is highly improving the modern client and we can tell you this about it: you will hardly notice any functional differences with the Windows client.

Developments in 3PL Dynamics

Naturally, there will be many new logistics features from our side in the solution after the update. With input from existing and new customers, we developed orderpick- and cycle count strategies, e-fulfilment features, customs and financial functionalities and of course ways to streamline your transport activities. And as always, this all will be available for you after the update. Exactly how and when these changes will take place for you, we will tell you on time when the time is there.