The last year was all about growth. Our customer base grew, the number of functionalities in our solution got bigger and automatically your need for support grew along. Therefore, Boltrics hired in the past quarter many new colleagues. By doing so, we are able to support you while we strive for our company goals. We would like to introduce you to our newest recruits!

Mellany and Johan are challenging Mark (in the front) and Harm during a game of table football, while Tjerk is trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle.

HRM for optimization of personnel relations

First we would like to introduce you to Mellany, because the expansion of our group of colleagues is mainly thanks to her. As HR employee, Mellany is since May responsible for recruitment, professionalizing personnel relations and setting up onboarding programs for the new employees. It gives Mellany energy when her activities directly have a positive impact on the activities of another: “I think it’s important that everyone feels good at work and that someone’s quality gets optimally used. Only by doing so, we can go for the best result all together.”

A lot of extra manpower on support

Because colleagues can move fast within Boltrics, new work force for our support department is always welcome. You might have spoken to one of the three gentlemen on the phone: Tjerk, Mark and Harm. They checked the entire new onboarding-list of HRM and thus got to know the company and our solution in no time, so they can help you with your questions.

Since August first, Tjerk is working at Boltrics and he feels at ease right away: “During the first contacts with Mellany, it got clear for me that I would have to deal with a varied group of colleagues, who are all driven to achieve the same goal. Besides, everyone is sharing the same philosophy and opinions about the way of working; I can conclude there is a clear culture and this really appealed to me.”

Streamlining logistics processes, that is something Mark understands as the best: “In previous logistics functions I noticed that in practice, processes do not often run smoothly. This realization combined with my interest in software, brought me to the conclusion that I wanted to optimize logistics processes with software. This way, I am helping the ones who are in the same situation as I was in the warehouse.”

Harm worked at a software supplier before, but missed the direct translation to logistics: “What is nice about working at Boltrics, is that the problem of the customer is leading in development. During my first period on the support department I got to know 3PL Dynamics real quick and partly due to my work experience, I will get started as a consultant per October.”

Investment in the future

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our two newest colleagues. Schools have started again and this means that some students get to taste of the work life by following an internship. This also applies to Morten, student Application- and media developer at the Technova in Ede. After a successful internship period of his brother, Morten was more than welcome to share his knowledge and skills with Boltrics. “During my first weeks I delved into Azure Functions, something my education does not offer. It is very cool that I am already learning new things.” Where Morten currently is our youngest employee, brings our newest (since September 16th) colleague Johan a lot more experience along. As project manager, Johan will streamline processes within the Dutch borders. This creates room within the project team to manage projects abroad, to secure Boltrics’ future as well. “I was looking for a challenging project management function nearby and this led me to Boltrics. There immediately was a connection and thus we quickly concluded that I would start here. I am looking forward to my period at Boltrics, and it is amazing that I can join the company trip to the Belgian Ardennes right away!”

With Boltrics towards the Ardennes

All new colleagues are pretty lucky. Because on Friday 27th and Saterday the 28th of September, we are going with over 30 colleagues to experience an active and sporty weekend in the Ardennes, Belgium. This is the perfect way to get to know each other better and just to have a good time. Do you know someone who needs to join this weekend the next time? Inform that person to check out our job offers (Dutch only). We can always use new colleagues to serve you better!