Wijnne Barends replaces their customized solution by Boltrics’ cloud software. Enabling the logistics service provider to track all movements within their terminals from A to Z.

165 years of experience supported by a “can do” mentality

Since 1855, Wijnne Barends has dealt with the most challenging maritime logistics issues with a “can do” mentality. No wonder they possess a good dose of experience and an extensive network in road, sea and inland shipping.

With some 100,000 square meters of storage space located in the ports of Delfzijl, Farmsum and Eemshaven, they can handle almost any type of cargo and any type of ship quickly. Thanks to their smart positioning in North Groningen, they do not have to deal with logistical challenges such as those in the port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Making Wijnne Barends an attractive alternative to the larger ports.

No worries with automatic bi-directional communication

Wijnne Barends handles hundreds of containers every day, which must be delivered to the right place as quickly as possible. Requiring a process that runs like a well-oiled machine incorporated in a software solution that gives insight where which container is located. At the same time connecting with the system of clients, customs and Portbase to share information bi-directional. However, both functionalities were not possible with their current customized solution. They did not hesitate for a moment to look further for a solution that can support them now and in the longer term. The choice fell on the Boltrics industry standard where the required Portbase and customs links are available out-of-the-box. An addition with which they can quickly save 75% on manual data entry.


Koen Douma, Controller at Wijnne Barends: “Our customized solution became more and more limiting factor in our freedom of movement. Investing in our current solution in order to make it fit our needs would be the same as carrying water to the sea and would become obsolete in no time. That’s where our quest started for a system that meets our needs now and in the future. The search soon brought us to Boltrics’ software. The mentality and methodology of Boltrics fit well with the corporate values of Wijnne Barends. Straightforward, walk the talk. Thanks to their branch standard, we have access to the functionalities we need from day one. Simply because the software is based on the input of over 130 logistics service providers. In addition, Boltrics ensures that the solution is updated to the latest version every year. Saving us a lot of time we can now invest in other projects.”