More and more logistics entrepreneurs focus on data and everything that is connected to it. And rightly so. After all, they do not call it the most important aspect of this century. There is also a lot of profit to be gained here for entrepreneurs. But data is not always easy to collect, let alone analyze. Not everyone is as technically laid out as the masterminds of Microsoft. But luckily that is not necessary with Power BI.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is an analytic tool that makes data visually comprehensible. The tool thus lays different information sources next to each other, in order to show correlation. The output of Power BI are interactive dashboards and reports.

What does Boltrics’ Power BI do?

As you know, Boltrics specifically focuses on logistics service provides. Thanks to the input of our customers, we develop our product continuously. With the goal to keep our product the branch standard for your sector. The same goes for Power BI. We have placed the most relevant KPIs for logistics service providers in dashboards and reports, so you are able to see the most important data for your company. Are there new datasets available? Then we make sure that all of our customers can use these. This way, you have more time to improve your service.

How does this differ from my current reports?

Now, I am not certain how your current reports function or which tool you are currently using. But what distinguishes is the ease-of-use and the clarity. If something deviates – for example, a payment that is always overdue – than you will see this instantly. Who is your best customer? Power BI will show you this, while you do not have to do anything for it.

How does Power BI work?

The technical functioning of Power BI is also for me too complicated. My colleagues can undoubtfully tell you more about it, but that might be too techy for you as well. No, I think it is best to answer this question with visuals rather than words. Below you can see the financial insights Power BI can give you.

PS. Do you already use Power BI, but do you miss a specific report? Let us know and we look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.