At the end of October, the 11th edition of Microsoft’s Direction EMEA took place in The Hague – the yearly event for Microsoft Dynamics partners. For three days everything was dominated by inspiration, innovation and networking. Interesting and impressive, but also fun. With over 2200 attendees who all love Microsoft, this is almost inevitable. Ofcourse, Boltrics attended this event with a delegation and these colleagues spoke with enthusiasm about all developments the next day. What was on the agenda and what are Microsoft’s plans for the future?

Microsoft’s course

The event showed once again that Microsoft has big plans. The central theme in these plans is data. For entrepreneurs, data is seen as the ‘new gold’. And for entrepreneurs, in whichever branch, profit can be gained in making use of the available information. It is first and foremost necessary to gather this information in order to analyze and share.

For this reason, Microsoft uses the new platform: Dynamics 365 Business Central. A flexible solution that is also available as SaaS. This solution offers even more integration possibilities between Office products, making central data management the norm. And this is not the only thing. Because the solution can be consulted via the web browser, this data can be consulted anytime and anywhere. Information gathering and insight is already possible, but what about the analysis?

For this part, Microsoft has a powerful tool for a long time already: Power BI. This analysis tool links different data sources and shows the relationship in clear reports. At a glance users see the most important KPIs, so that well-considered decision do not have to last long. These reports, dashboards and overviews can be shared with colleagues or external parties with one click.

Finally, Microsoft goes a bit further than gathering, analyzing and sharing. The company focuses on Artificial Intelligence, or predicting trends. And you guessed it right: this requires a lot of data. Very interesting developments, something we like to work on so you can use this intelligence for your company!

Boltrics sails along in this course

At Boltrics we are extremely enthusiastic about AI’s capabilities and how this can bring our products – and therefore our customers – to the next level. We naturally take part in the 365 Business Central course: you will hear more about this later. In Power BI, as you may know, we have already accommodated some KPIs for logistics service providers. And the AI-part has inspired many of our developers to perform some experiments. This promises a lot!

The first time Directions EMEA
For our consultant Guido, it was the first time that he attended Directions and it was quite an experience. “I think it’s nice to directly get a part of the vision from Microsoft as a partner. Everyday, you work with the product and you regularly receive updates about developments. But to hear the icons from Microsoft speak about it so passionately works very inspiring. I immediately want to get started with all the developments”, says Guido.