Last June, a cyber-attack hit the world’s largest container conglomerate Maersk. By using the extremely mean (but smart) malware called “NotPetya”, Russian hackers were able to freeze the entire software system of the Danish organization. One of the reasons why this attack was so ‘succesful’, was the safety of Maersk’s system. Not up-to-date and many passwords were saved locally. This is one of the reasons why Boltrics always strives to keep our customers up-to-date. And also the reason why we are so happy that no less than 95% is already at this point.

The promise: always up-to-date

One of our five promises is that we keep our customers always up-to-date. The main reason is that we want our customers to be able to use the latest functionalities. Digital innovations within the logistics sector go amazingly fast and before you know it your software solution is outdated. A waste of time and money to replace the entire system after a few years. In other words: we ensure that our solution is future-proof for all of our customers. A few examples of functionalities that we made available since the previous release:
Recurring surcharges
Product attributes
User tasks
Complaint registration
Load meters

Safe software

Besides the fact that up-to-date software gives you access to the latest features, it also increases your security. Outdated software, or legacy software, is a very interesting target for hackers. You want to avoid a previously mentioned Maersk scenario, where the majority of the staff was standing on the sidewalk. Not knowing whether they could ever work for the same employer again.

Over 95% of our customers is up-to-date

For the above – and more – reasons we are happy to mention that no less than 95% of our customers is running on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This way, they can continue to meet the increasing customer needs, they are safe for hackers and they continue to enjoy support.