Logistics service provider Sluyter Logistics decided to replace their current WMS with Boltrics’ 3PL Dynamics solution. This solution will offer the organization the possibility to monitor processes better and to make data insightful.

Sander Visser, Director at Sluyter Logistics: “The investment and maintaining of long-term relations with customers is an important part of our strategy. Within our operations, the current WMS limited us to provide our customers optimal service. Therefore, we searched for an alternative that could offer stability. With Boltrics’ WMS – built on the power of Microsoft Dynamics – we can live up to the growing demands of our clients. 3PL Dynamics automates our processes, with the result that we can monitor these better than before. Moreover, an always up-to-date system with the latest features is guaranteed.

With growing demands of their clients and themselves, Sluyter Logistics got confronted with their current WMS’ limitations. It barely offered possibilities to monitor processes or to retrieve data. With customization and more human recourses, it seemed possible to keep up with the demands. Although, this had a negative effect on the efficiency. Besides, an internal analysis showed that the solution had notable limitations. Because of this, Sluyter concluded that implementing an entirely new WMS would bring more advantages than upgrading their current WMS.

This resulted in choosing Boltrics’ branch standard. With this WMS, the logistics service provider offers itself the possibility to transfer the different sites phased to one central platform, to introduce uniform processes and to create one source of information. This way, even on the short term, they will gain more insights in the ins and outs of the organization.

Sluyter Logistics – with 90 years of experience – has become an institution within the world of transport and logistics. With sites in Assen, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Apeldoorn and Schiphol and a capacity of around 25,000 pallet places, Sluyter Logistics has the opportunity to support their customers in the field of warehousing and value added logistics.