Van der Mark Transport is continuously working on the further development of their organization. With a modern fleet of trucks, innovative communication equipment and other high-tech devices, DVM Transport has been providing complete service to its customers for years. From warehousing to transport, to financial services. To continue this trend, investments in Boltrics’ 3PL Dynamics WMS were recently made.

Future-oriented pushing the boundaries with technology

Van der Mark Transport, a family company thoroughbred, values old-fashioned service. This is reflected in their operational management: close to the customer, personal service, and fulfilling what is promised. With a strong team and the latest technology, they succeed over and over again in living up to the expectations. Nevertheless, Van der Mark noticed that the previous Warehouse Management System no longer met the stringent requirements imposed by the logistics company itself. Partly due to the fact that innovations in IT are succeeding each other faster and clients expect that they can be met without difficulty. An important requirement was therefore related to data integrations from other systems. The WMS of Boltrics, based on Microsoft Dynamics, does comply with this requirement. With DataHub, a platform for organizing, managing, sharing, collaborating and processing data, an EDI interface was developed. This makes it possible to have data processed automatically in its own system and that of their customers. For example, the accounting system now follows the logistics processes in the department store closely. In addition, for Van der Mark it is now a piece of cake to transform data from their WMS into real-time dashboards and reports with Power BI. This makes it very easy to see what the margin per storage is, and make a prognosis based on trend lines of what activities they can expect in the coming period.

Simon van der Mark: “Within this sector you have to go with the flow and in practice that leads to automation. It is necessary that the quality of the service is not compromised. Processes have to be closely connected to each other and with Boltrics’ WMS this is fortunately feasible. Also, their WMS is available in hybrid form. This gives us the opportunity to first integrate the solution in Microsofts’ Cloud environment, and in the long term if desired to convert it to an on-premise installation. In this way, Boltrics also gives us the time and space to optimize everything we need.”

About Van der Mark Transport

Van der Mark takes care of the storage and handling of goods in the broadest sense of the word. From one pallet to the entire product inventory. Van der Mark can manage the entire flow of goods, from the moment of production to delivery to the recipient. This way, the entire logistics process flow is taken care of. After manufacture, Van der Mark removes products and takes care of the storage and physical distribution. The experienced logistics staff work with fully automated systems that always provide clear insight into the stock. For Value Added Logistics such as container handling, order picking, palletizing, sorting and labeling, repacking, making country and customer specifications, Customs and document handling, stock control and invoicing, you are at the right address at Van der Mark. They’ve got all the disciplines you need, so their customers can focus on their core activities. For more information, visit their website.