Ede, 9 January 2018 – VCK Logistics SCS has gone live with Boltrics’ WMS since July 2017 to support the complete inventory management and distribution of mobile phones, SIM cards and associated accessories for 122 T-Mobile shops.

The mobile provider sector is known for its heavy competitive landscape. In order to be able to continuously improve the customer satisfaction, an efficient supply chain within the internal and external processes supported with complete track & traceability is of great importance. In order to guarantee this process, T-Mobile sought cooperation with VCK Logistics SCS – an expert in the field of logistic services for telecom and high-tech.

Investing in innovation makes the difference

VCK Logistics already used Microsoft Dynamics. But in order to create a suitable solution, a lot of customization was used at the time. Which was nice in the short term, but become an obstacle, in the long run, to quickly adopt new developments.

“With the increasing expectations of consumers, the pressure on lowering costs and the fierce competition in the logistics telecom market, lagging behind in the latest technology is simply a ‘no go'”, states Brennus van der Klaauw, Managing Director at VCK Group. “For T-Mobile, it is extremely important that orders are delivered complete and on time. With our new WMS solution – built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform – technology is no longer a limiting factor. For example, thanks to serial number/IMEI registration we are able to follow orders throughout the entire process. In the unlikely event that something has gone wrong, we are always able to track this.”

In addition to an extensive track & trace functionality, goods can be identified based on pre-received specifications. VCK Logistics also uses various techniques, such as wave and zone picking, and an integration with Costo’s conveyor systems has been realized to organize the picking processes as efficiently as possible. With KPIs at order line level, they are also able to monitor whether orders have been processed in accordance with SLA agreements.

Maximum efficiency

Everything revolves around efficiency. To save time and costs – but also to keep errors to a minimum. Van der Klaauw: “We are constantly investigating how we can improve our supply chain to support simplify our logistical processes. With the new WMS, we have been able to further automate and mechanize our processes – which also directly reduces the chance of errors. Initially, the solution was implemented to support our service towards T-Mobile, but it is currently also being rolled out to our other telecom customers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.”

About VCK Logistics SCS

VCK Logistics SCS Netherlands has more than 50 years of experience in ‘one-stop-shop’ concepts within Supply Chain Management. VCK Logistics provides for and supports the simplification of the Supply Chains in order to accelerate the logistical interaction between clients and their customers so that cost-efficient work can be carried out, risks are reduced and quality is optimized. Clients’ budgets become tighter and product life cycles shorter; the consumer determines and is in control of the market’s dynamics. Responding to this is a must. The smarter the design of the supply chain, the higher the return and customer satisfaction.