Ede, 13 September 2017 – Melis Logistics does not only wants to invest in (the development of) her people, but also in resources that can contribute to the growth of the company. For example, they have recently expanded their fleet and will continue to do so in the coming months. However, the resources go beyond their lorries; the basis for growth and success may be “just” at the office.

With might and main, they are working to get all the essential issues complete on time; from transport planning to administrative settlement. To keep track of the latest developments in these areas, and even to be one step ahead, Melis Logistics recently started working with Boltrics. This company delivers the newest software platform that supports nearly all logistics and transportation branches. Melis recently started using Boltrics’ Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and incorporated all conceivable business and logistics processes: from goods in, warehousing, and goods out to customs, order picking, and billing.

Boltrics’ promises

Knowing that logistics service providers independently try to reinvent the wheel, inspired Boltrics to develop a branch standard. One solution that the entire branch puts its weight behind. A proven standard, state-of-the-art solution – which they can implement fast, and decisively. Without time-consuming customization. Boltrics operates from five promises that showcase the flexibility of both their product as their company. By providing a very comprehensive package, customization becomes in most situations unnecessarily. And if Melis would need additional functionality, then an additional module can easily be added. What the customer wishes can be arranged; a vision that Melis likes to share with Boltrics.

Implementation at Melis Logistics

Marwin Melis, Director at Melis Logistics: “With the completion of our new building, we are also working hard on ‘launching’ Melis Logistics 2.0. More storage, more possibilities and more beautiful opportunities in the prospect. Recently, we realized that – with the expansion of our services – a structured software package is inevitable. Because a large warehouse is, of course, beautiful, but it also brings along extra complexity. We discovered Boltrics at the right time. Like us, they are future oriented: always innovating and following the latest developments. Their WMS perfectly matches this. The software system runs on the Microsoft platform, which is constantly updated, so we can always prepare us for upcoming challenges in the future.”

With the implementation of this innovative software system, Melis Logistics is a step further in the developments, in further optimizing and streamlining their processes. Something their customers benefit from.

About Melis Logistics

Reliability and flexibility. They are the core values of Melis Internationaal Transport. With almost one hundred years of experience we are a provider of a broad range of logistic services, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Since its foundation in the year of 1918, the company has changed with time. Though even after almost one hundred years, a satisfied customer is paramount to Melis Logistics. For more information, please visit www.melislogistics.nl.