Jenkins is a well-known logistics service provider in the United Kingdom, operating from nine sites nationwide, including Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Felixstowe, Sheerness and Derby. Their services cover various products, including printing and packaging paper, and tissue and hygiene products. In total, Jenkins handles approximately 800,000 units of cargo per annum.

As their customer base and the variety of products they stored expanded, Jenkins recognised the need to replace their two legacy systems. “Much manual inputting was happening”, says Gerard McManus, IT Support Manager at Jenkins. “We had no real-time reporting available and had a lot of disjointed systems across our business that did not talk to each other. So, we were searching for a system that would work with everything we had in place.

The choice for standard software

After extensive research, Jenkins chose Mercurius IT, the UK-based partner of Boltrics, who introduced 3PL Dynamics. This WMS was already being used by over 200 logistic companies, making it an ideal choice for Jenkins. “One of the decisive features of 3PL Dynamics is that it specifically focuses on 3PL partners, which is exactly the market we are in”, Gerard continues. “At that time, the standard software solution was already used by over 200LSPs. If it worked for over 200 logistic companies, we were sure it would help improve our operation as well.

Automating communications with EDI

One of the challenges that were tackled by the new WMS was automating manual inputting. Gerard: “With the WMS, especially the Datahub platform, we can automate messaging in our processes. Messages like advanced shipping notifications, goods received notes, loading instructions, and dispatch notes. Furthermore, we use EDI to send scheduled stock reports to our customers. And we are still expanding the possibilities.”

“We are looking to integrate with the ports in Liverpool and Felixstowe to receive message updates when containers arrive on the port and when these are available for us to collect. Then, we can automatically update the information in our logistics software.”

Gerard McManus

IT Support Manager at Jenkins

Successful three-month implementation

When looking back at the overall implementation of the new application, Jenkins was positively surprised, says Gerard. “The WMS was rolled out in only three months, which is surprisingly fast. However, it also validates the decision to go with Mercurius IT and the standard of 3PL Dynamics. As there was not much customisation needed to fully support our processes.

About Jenkins

Jenkins is an entrepreneurial and lean company with exceptional management and logistics capabilities, providing innovative and efficient port-centric logistics solutions for over 40 years. They pride themselves on offering a hands-on, straightforward approach to customer service, ensuring that clients always receive the personal attention of experienced individuals capable of quick and professional decision-making.