2024 has begun! You have probably already started working hard to exceed your business goals. But just like every year, there are many changes that go into effect on January 1 that you cannot afford to miss. One of these changes is the 8.4% excise tax increase on alcoholic beverages. In addition, the excise tax on beer will now be calculated on the basis of alcohol content. No longer based on extract content. This change will affect you if you import beer or have beer in stock that has not been subject to excise duty in the Netherlands. To get you started, this blog will show you how to implement these changes in your WMS in 5 steps.

How should I handle the changes in the Boltrics WMS?

Apart from the fact that the excise tax on beer is now calculated on the basis of alcohol content, there are also changes to the existing codes. Thanks to the introduction of this new measure, the existing codes are no longer valid. This means that you have to adjust the master data with two new codes:

  1. nac U314 for beer excise duty, to which the standard rate applies
  2. nac U315 for the reduced or special rate applicable to small breweries.

You can make all the changes in your WMS in 5 steps:

1. Go to Excise Codes and select the ‘Beer’ option. Then click on ‘additional category’. This will bring up the table below where you can add the new codes.

2. Select the line with ‘U314’ and click on ‘Alcohol Ranges’. An overview will now open with data such as the lower and upper border.

3. Here you can distinguish between the different alcohol contents. One for beer with an alcohol content equal to or less than 3.2% (minimum rate), and one for beer with an alcohol content greater than 3.2%.

4. You can record NAC codes at the customer item level. To set this up, go to Customer Items (Beer) and select Customs -> Tax Data. The screen below will then open.

5. If the item is in stock, it may not be possible to adjust the codes. To make adjustments, you should first add an end date to the line and possibly add a new line with the Additional National NAC code.

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