Support is one of the most dynamic departments at Boltrics. They give 110% every day to resolve all tickets. They are expected to end 2023 with 7,000 resolved support tickets. These tickets are very diverse. From quick fixes to complex puzzles that our dedicated support colleagues sink their teeth into every day.

We hope your year went smoothly, without too many support calls. But sometimes you can’t avoid them. And when that happens, Support is here to help you get back on track as quickly as possible! Did you know that many of your questions and challenges also affect other logistics service providers? In this blog, we address the most frequently asked support question from 2023. And we explain how you can easily solve it yourself.

The #1 support question of 2023

This year’s most asked question is: “My scanning process is not working properly – what should I do?” We have received many questions this year about scanning, an important and primary process for your business. Fortunately, you can prevent or solve many problems yourself. Below are the most common support topics and how to address them:

1. My scanner has an unstable Internet connection

Tired of dealing with erratic scanners? The key to success is a stable and fast Internet connection. Proper positioning of access points is essential for a stable WiFi connection in the room where your scanning staff is working.

2. My scanners stopped working after moving from OnPremise to SaaS 

Have you noticed that your scanners stopped working after moving from OnPremise to SaaS? You’re not alone. Fortunately, this common problem is easy to solve. Prior to migration, the ITOPS team provided you with a new URL for your Business Central environment. Make sure that this URL is also set up in your scanners.

3. My scanners experience delays

Are you experiencing delays when using your scanners? Don’t worry, we have a solution. The scanning process running on a web service call can have some limitations, especially for SaaS customers. To avoid overloading the scanning process, it is important to run other inbound web services outside of production hours whenever possible. Consider tasks such as retrieving data for a PowerBI dashboard or running JetReports.

In addition, small functional changes to the scanning functions can yield significant performance improvements. For example, filling out the Document Type field reduces table locking. You can also use the Analyze Performance feature to analyze scan functions for improvements:

Note: Always test changes to scan screens in the RAPP environment first.

4. I have conflicts in scanning sessions

Do you have conflicts in scanning sessions? If so, here are some tips to keep your scanning system running smoothly. We always recommend that everyone who scans should use their own scanner. But not cleaning up old scan sessions is also a possible cause of conflicts and unwanted error messages. Our advice? Get into the habit of cleaning up scan sessions on a daily basis. You can do this by using the Cleanup setting (Table No. 11155081). Or create a Job Queue Entries with the following parameters:

You can set the Job Queue Entries to delete all scan sessions older than one day every hour.

Note: We recommend that you critically review the schedule of all Job Queue Entries and keep it as long as possible. Many Job Queue Entries are scheduled 1x per minute, which is often not necessary.

You can also delete scan sessions manually from the Scan Sessions screen:

5. Scan Emulator Web does not work

The Scan Emulator Web tool is a useful tool that is undoubtedly used regularly, both in the PROD environment and in RAPP/TEST. However, it may happen that the tool does not function properly. In that case, you can often solve the problem already by re-registering the company. From the PROD environment, you can perform this process for all environments.

Note that if you have multiple companies, you will need to re-register each company. Keep this in mind to ensure that the Scan Emulator Web continues to function properly.

The URLs under “App Platform Registrations” are for non-PROD environments. We recommend that you test these URLs if the Scan Emulator Web (from the search function) is not working properly.

5 tips for a strong scenario

In this blog we have helped you with the most frequently asked support question of 2023. However, it may happen that you encounter unexplained error messages and need the help of our Boltrics colleagues. Of course, the Boltrics Support Team is here for you! But we need your help to get you back on track as quickly as possible. A good scenario ensures that our support team can investigate where the problem is and fix it permanently. Without a scenario, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. So what does a good scenario look like? Here are 5 tips to get to the root of the problem: Prevent data corrections with 5 tips for a strong scenario – Boltrics