As a logistics service provider, you trust your software to support your processes. Day in, day out. You want to prevent errors in these processes as much as possible. And you want to complete the orders without any hurdles on the track. However, errors can never be completely ruled out. Still, no reason to panic! Because we help you in finding the problem en solve it at its core. It is possible, however, that a problem occurs without you knowing its cause. In that case, we can do a data correction. An absolute last resort. Because this is a correction that you rather prevent. In this blog, we share how to do so.

What is a data correction?

With a data correction, Boltrics can revise fixed data. That means: manually changing the data in your software to ensure the error does not occur with that specific action. However, we first look to a different solution together. Because, besides the fact that Boltrics has to charge you as a customer for this data correction, it is only a temporary solution. It does not solve the cause of the error message and won’t fix the error permanently. In other words, you want to prevent such a correction.

Prevent data corrections: a strong scenario as key to success.

Simply said, you can prevent data corrections by structurally executing your processes correctly. However, it is still possible you run into an error you cannot explain and you need the help of our Boltrics colleagues. In that case, a scenario will be the key to a permanent solution.

Quickly on your way with a good scenario

A clear scenario helps our support department find where the problem occurs and solve it permanently. Without it, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, what are the qualities of a good scenario? Underneath, we have listed five tips to get to the bottom of your error.

  1. Where in the process does the error occur? For example, on a receipt or a shipment?
  2. Then, in what part of the receipt or shipment? For example, when importing the document? Or when creating the document lines and warehouse activities?
  3. In what way is the document changed? Is this done via a scanner? And if so, what scan views are used?
  4. Is there a pattern in the process? What action is often executed before the error occurs?
  5. Do you have an overview of divergent entries in the article entries? Including an explanation for them? Based on these article entries, you should be able to deduce it the error happens to the same user.

Prevent data corrections in practice

A strong scenario is the key to solving every error. But we gladly help you solve the error yourself. In that way, you are up and running in no time and are always in control yourself. Therefore, we provide you with a practical example.

Carrier number is negative after posting

An error that you can (simply) solve yourself, is the error ‘Carrier No. is negative after posting’. This error can occur when you want to post the document detail lines. And is caused by the fact that the location number does not match the inventory listed as carrier content.

In the video below, we help you solve this specific error message.

Solve posting errors on shipments

Need support?

Do you want to learn more about preventing data corrections? Or do you need the help of our support colleagues? Find how we help you on your way here.